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I wonder how long it will take for these camera's to recoup the initial cost of instalment by way of all the additional convictions and the fines they generate ? or have they made a copper or twa redundant ?

I wid imagine they will be well broken and need replacing lang afore any monetery gain is noticed and as for crime , well drunken neaps are still gonna hae a scrap , pish up a lane or throw something through a window as the inebriated dont think ahead .

They might mak a bit o revenue if they sell they sell the good clips tae a tv show lik police action camera or booze britain and at least then we will get some entertainment .

I think they are a nonsense myself , does anybody know roughly what this has cost to install and how much will it cost to maintain ?

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Hi Guys,


No been on here fir a while.


I got up this mornin tae hae my mornin cuppa and noticed that the CCTV camera on the police building across the road (in the middle of Aberdeen) was looking directly in wir kitchen window.


It widna be so bad if we were a ground or even first floor flat, as it might actually be able to take in some of the street view, but since we're a second floor flat, it canna be getting ony o the street, and so wid seem tae be looking directly in wir window. I canna see any o the tap or bottom o the camera casing, or any o the side casing, only the square flat glass window that encases the lense.


It feels lik a bit of an invasion o wir privacy. Is this legal? Anybody got any suggestions as tae what I should do? Phone the police and ask what its all aboot?


As of typing this it's still looking in. A tad unnerving tae say the least! :?


Edit: I should also perhaps point out that the camera is about level height-wise with our kitchen window, and so is totally looking over the top of everything else.

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You need to make a complaint RIGHT NOW!


There have been a few examples of abuse with CCTV in built up areas.


The cameras are monitored by a private company normally or civilian employees.


Don't let it go, it is vitaly important. Take pictures as well.


They can then check.



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i was a bit dubious about the camera outside my flat, it is just below the level of my window, on the other side fo the street. So i spoke to the guy who was installing them and he reasured me that the camera cant look above its horizon. Not investigated any more than that but due to the design of the camera i have no reason to doubt the guy.

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Ok, phoned the grampian police non-emergency number.


I explained where we are and told him about the camera. He phoned me back after about two minutes and pointed out that there were no camera's looking directly in our flat window. One which could look in is broken (but its not the one I'm talking about, it's on the other side of the building), and the other is looking towards marks&sparks (which couldn't possibly see our flat from where it is).


I told him that I wasn't talking about either of those, but the one across the road, to which he replied, "right, well they certainly won't be looking into your flat". Hmmmm.... but it IS looking into my flat, or at least at my flat window.


I thanked him for his time, but he didn't offer to check the other one out, the one that's actually looking in. :?


Edit: Just taken a relatively high-res photo. Based on the angle of the lense in the cctv camera casing, it seems to be looking beetween our flat and the one upstairs. If I stand up in the kitchen window, it appears to be looking right at me.

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I got up this mornin tae hae my mornin cuppa and noticed that the CCTV camera on the police building across the road (in the middle of Aberdeen) was looking directly in wir kitchen window.


There is a system that is supposed to black or blur out parts of CCTV images that are looking through folks windows etc. No idea if the thing actually works or is widely used though......

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