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^^ If its working why was plod appealing on SIBC this mornin for "assistance from the public" concerning who stove in a peen o' gless in "commercial premisis" on the street ower da helly.


If its so great they already have pictirs of every beggar the was in shouting distance of the gless fae Friday ta Monday. Send the boys in blue oot wi a shaef of stills to check faces, and let the rest of us have peace. Whats the point of it all if nothing changes?

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Or course it's useless, unless they were top of the range cameras, you wouldn't be able to 100% identify the person in them, and even if you could, it could still be contested in court. CSI gives people unreasonable expectations about CCTV me thinks, including the fools who came up with the idea.


Although any pointing at the cross should see some interesting graffitti on the ground!!

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^^ Actually, you'd be amazed what they can do with naff images these days. Years ago, Wang (remember them?)stopped concentrating on word processors and concentrated in conjunction with the FBI to develop image enhancing software. One package they developed was how, for example, a 5 year old would look in say 10/15/20 years time which has proved invaluable with missing persons.


Regarding bog standard CCTV systems, the biggest problem is getting a film together for the likes of Crimewatch from a loop system - it can literally take hours to get a workable 5 minute film.


Images are enhanced and some Courts will accept images that have been enhanced, whereas others won't.

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There is a big limit to what can be done in image processing from standard definition video. Tweak the light levels a bit to help out, but no chance of pulling out any more details than are recorded - SD video is like a 0.4 mega pixel image at the very best, and low light just equals more and more noise.


It's a running joke in the video production industry that police turn up looking to have CSI details pulled from their VHS tape - the video guys say "Ah, we thought it was YOU GUYS that had that stuff!!" ;)


I think the original spec. for the system was that it would record everything digitally in the control room, so at least in theory it should make it very quick and easy to check through a night's footage and pull out what you got......

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What about the folk who's houses are going to be under constant surveillance? I wouldn't fancy the police, and whoever else has access to the footage, knowing the comings and goings of my house. Would the police and councillors like their houses being watched 24/7?


surely that would be good for insurance purposes??

Now unless your into dodgey dealings I wouldnt have a problem with it so long as it was not pointing in my house....then I would have to stop wandering about half starkers! hahaha!

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Police praise Lerwick’s new CCTV regime - shetland-news.co.uk


“But also we have been able to add to the safety of people in Lerwick. There are times on a Friday or Saturday night when there have been fights about to start, and we came to recognise that on the CCTV system, and we have been able to deploy officers to these areas,†he said.

So basically what he's saying is if you want to fight, then go up a dark lane where there's no cameras...


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