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^^ That does make sense The Man .. and sorry about the language. I appear to have been moderated by a moderator too :oops: :P


I would trust and hope that with extensive community policing you would remove the unapproachable barrier often existing in many peoples minds when the word "police" is mentioned - remove the "arms-length" untrusting standoff.


This itself will take time, but the end goal IS the ideal situation that we all want to see. A peaceful community in which we can all be proud.


Perhaps with the introduction of CCTV shifting policing focus from where it is presently it will assist in this long term goal freeing them up to follow other avenues? Not if the primary means of crime prevention is then just soley based on CCTV though!



I have edited the last paragraph as re-reading it made absolutely no sense to me :?


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Hmmm, not sure you can film anyone without their permission despite what some photographer may say. Theres a wee thing called harrassment and stalking and specific legislation for them these days.


To clarify a bit, if I am filming in the street and you walk through the shot, even if I zoom in on you and make you the main subject of the image, I can still sell that footage however I want, and you have no recourse.


If I follow you about for a week, filming everything you do, that is harasment.


Then there is everything in between.



On the general CCTV side, the data protection act allows anybody who thinks they may have been filmed by a cctv camera to make a reasonable request to view the footage......

CCTV Code of Conduct

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I see in the paper today that some councils are considering using high powered microphones with CCTV to be able to listen in to conversations in the street and if they detect 'agressive' or 'loud' speech to call the police and so prevent it escallating into violence. Does this mean the police will turn out to arguments between couples (high probability of that during Xmas shopping) or Mothers scolding Children? (Ditto). And what do they do with the recordings? Will they remain on record forever?


This should be stopped before it starts!

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Data protection worries over CCTV


A new organisation set up to highlight concerns over the legality of CCTV cameras across the UK has been launched in Edinburgh.


CameraWatch said that up to 90% of the UK's 4.2 million cameras were in breach of the Data Protection Act.


The body said that such breaches could undermine CCTV evidence in court.


However, that claim was questioned by the Information Commissioner's Office, which stressed that a code of practice for CCTV use has been issued.


Current law states that CCTV should be appropriately sited with clear signage.

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^^^ This almost looks like a step in the right direction, apart from them being in favour of cameras and just twittering about compliance with rather nominal "protection" regs. I'd be happier to see that 90% taken out ... let no-one ever forget the fact trout mentioned above - CCTV dpes not reduce crime ... at best, it just moves it around the corner.


I know. I live around the corner in what has been the red light area for years, and believe me you do not want to know about the, er, litter certain people leave around our yard. You may have read about youths shooting each other around Nottingham ... well, at least a couple of these shootings have taken place within easy seeing of a camera had it been looking that way. A real copper wouldn't have stayed looking the other way.


Perhaps that's why they want microphones and speakers on the damn things ... :idea: next step perhaps to build all this stuff into Daleks, along with Tasers, and they can actually patrol the streets?


Link in (as "they" certainly will) ... your biometric ID card, ubiquitous cameras, software which can recognise you from a glimpse of your face, or gait, quite apart from recording where your vehicle goes from day to day. And, of course, all the internet, financial and other records which can be accessed about you. It isn't just the cameras you see.


Example, rolled out around Nottingham last year, a "ring of steel" - concealed cameras which snap all the vehicles going into or out of town. Sold as "catching criminals" of course - and fair enough, if it takes the uninsured idiots off the road, that is reasonable use. But wait, records (this, remember, is registration number, mugshot of driver/passenger, where you were and which way you were going, datestamped) even on vehicles not involved in criminal activity will be kept for "up to" seven years. My letter to the local paper asking why this was necessary was met with a deathly hush.


They've only just begun. Doesn't it make you proud to be a citizen of a free country? :x

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^Hmm, not good^



This morning i heard a politician on the telly stating, in the context of the glasgow airport 'attack', that the UK had a very good network of cameras for detecting crime, with "The latest were installed in Lerwick in the Shetland Isles"


Eh? That's news to me. Are the new cameras already in Lerrick or has this guy jumped the gun? It would a conpiracy theorists delight if the local cameras here were announced in such random, accidental mediocrity. :?

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If they are not there already they are imminent, I believe the contract for installing the cameras to be going or has gone out already. They will cover the street and lanes that can be seen from the street as far as harbor street.

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