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Lan Event


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Just testing the water really,


Theres a few of us talking about getting a LAN event or small LAN group set up in and around Shetland.


small and large group of pc gamers in a room fragging till their hearts content.


Would anyone here be interested?


We currently play Left for Dead, FEAR, CoD, Medal of honour, Quake 4, Command and Conq and Warcraft.

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oooo you have made my day!!


Looking to move to Shetland... When I first posted here I asked about online gaming, pings etc. I've been to LAN parties here, am a clan member playing MOH:AA and COD4.


Also my clan m8s said if I move to Shetland they would have the clan meetings here - dunno if it would ever happen - but if it did we could do clan vs Shetland ;)


Love it :D

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What you clan name?

Myself and 5 others from shetland are in -={AA}=- but we are a moh spearhead and cod5 clan.


btw dont go with pipex up here for gaming they are poo , i'v ejust got my mac from them and i'm moving to plusnet will update you on how they are for a gaming isp

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