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-:Uis:- :D


I'm with pipex (unlimited) now, it got better with Tiscali, no complaints at all. I know I'll have to change though. There are 'gaming' ISPs which offer one month periods instead of twelve months, dunno if they are any good. Gaming doesn't need high bandwidth and I don't d/l films or anything. Mind you I think iPlayer needs 2Mb?


Here I get ~60ms ping cod4 and ~30-40ms Mohaa. I'm connected 8Mb at exchange, BT says i'm supposed to get 6.5Mb but it's more like 4-5Mb. I don't really get hung up on it, as long as it connects and I can do what I want i'm not bothered whether it's 3 or 8Mb.


Anyway, I look forward to your feedback on Plusnet, thx.

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We used to get 30-40ms with pipex, but since they came tiscalli pings have been gradually creeping up, now its never below 60ms , but normally sits about 80-90 with regular spikes up to 300 during prime time. put up with it for months. While others on our exchange with different isp's are still getting around the 40ms.

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