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What the television offers us

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Guest Anonymous

Television offers an excuse to escape from reality, or to be overly immersed in the horrors of life as we know it.

That's my simplified view of it.


I don't think this thread is ready for the 'truth about TV', as told by me. But I can, from experience, offer one simple bit of advice.

"Switch the damned thing off and do something else."


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^A splendid quote from someone who should know! :D


I agree entirely. I cringe when I hear people having a conversation:-


Addict 1: "There was absolutely nothing on TV last night"

Addict 2: "What did you watch?"

Addict 1: "It was a docusoap reality about celebrities when they had their first slow dance with someone"

Addict 2: "Oh yeah I Sky-plussed that to watch later, any good?"

Addict 1: "Load of rubbish, the one decent person turned out to have two left feet"

Addict 2: "Really!!?! I'll watch it tonight!"


And so on and so forth. The start of the conversation says it all. "There was absolutely nothing on TV last night". So why not switch the fecking thing off and find something else to do?!?!?!!



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