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Local Food Reviews - Dining Out & Take Aways


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The best place I think to get something excellent to eat is on the Northlink ferry, Mv Hrossey. The food is top notch.The service is a lot better on the Mv Hrossey than the other one. On the Hrossey you get the short kinda stoot fellow thats hoorafa mannerly, and he couldn't do his job any better than he does.

Everytime I sit down and look at the menu I struggle to choose what to get, because I think I'm going to miss out on something else on the menu.

On the other ferry they seem like they cant be bothered with you.



The Busta House.

Want to find a good steak, I would say Busta is the place to go for that. I was stuck in two minds wondering if Scalloway Hotel was better for a steak than Busta, but for value for money I would have to say Busta

All the stuff on their menu is quality, and the service is very good and relaxed.



Scalloway Hotel.

The food and service in the Scalloway hotel is something else. Nothing like anywhere else in Shetland.

When you have placed your orders for starters and main courses, afterwards they come with a appetiser for you before your starter comes, ours was a prawn soup type thing with fresh rolls. It led to a bit of confusion because we thought we were gotten some one else's starters.

The same again happens before your main meal, they came with a light pair cider ice cream thing, which was very nice.

The downside though to the Hotel I think is the over powering in your face service, I like just to get on with my meal in peace, instead of being checked on every 5 minutes. On the upside of this service is, if your drink is running low, Its not going to be long until your glass is taken away and refilled, Bonus.

The other downside is that it is pretty expensive.

A few little changes to the Hotel and it could've easy been on the top of my list.[/b]


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Guest Anonymous

I know the DAHAAF hasent been mentioned much, Must admit has fell by the wayside in recent years. But watch this space as from what I hear in the next month it will be the best seafood place in the area due to a new team and complete fresh food menu.


I know where ill be in the next month or so.


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The DAHAAF? I must absolutly disagree with you. Since this new super team have taken over the emphasis has been on profit rather than customer satisfaction. Prices have jumped up exponentially. £1.60 for a bacon roll was great , an affordable price for the many students that attend the NAFC, however the new Manager arrived and the price hopped up to £2.00. Well okay there is a credit crunch going on. But oh no the price is now £2.20. An extra 20p? Nice one. The humble Twix before the new managment, 43p, after the new managment 50p. Ach thats okay, at least you can still get a cup o' tea and a biscuit for a £1. Well no you can't actually because tea has risen from 50p to 60p. So now for the tea break combo you need £1.10 . Super.


Right onto the fish. With the old Managment you could get : Plaice, Hake, Halibut, Cod , Haddock etc a nice varied selection.


Now the option is Haddock, battered. Thats it. You can't even get it in breadcrumbs/ruskalene. And the price for this has risen.


So increasing the price of a cup of tea buy 10p has turned Da Haaf into a joke. Many people are dissatisfied with Da Haaf, and I'm sure this will be reflected in the customer figures since the new super team have taken over.

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Guest Anonymous

THE Reason i say in the next month is that the new team havent all started yet. As with all new managers they like to try and test and somtimes fail or succeed. The menus being put into place are going to offer a varied selection of fish, locally sourced and varied meat dishes etc all home made to the last so as to keep costs down for the customer. But as you will be aware wholesalers play a big role in the price hike which reflects down the line. The lunch menu will be carefully put together also with the snack menu being healthy and the waistline gamble options as again will be homemade to keep costs down and using as much locally sourced foods as poss, yeah we hear all places in shetland offering complete home made but never do down to costs involved, to me its lack of homework when compiling thier menus. TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THE DAHAAF WILL HAVE ONE THING IN MIND AND THATS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, QUALITY OF FOOD AT A REALISTIC PRICE.

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Sorry to interject but, for clarity, the restaurant is either called Da Haaf, or the Haaf if you like. "the DAHAAF" is not what it is called, nor ever has been.



Da= the


Haaf= fishing grounds.


Locally, Da Burra Haaf are the fishing grounds to the south west of Scalloway, though 'da haaf' is cultural terminology used throughout Shetland.

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^^ pity there's not a *smeeg* smiley.


I had wondered whether to ask if they wanted commercial advertising? .. I could now I suppose .... do you?


"The Da Haaf" :P Dat's lik asking - "Ir yu wantin tae ging tae da da haaf fur some maet?"


da da .. do da do da day ... zippity do da .. do da da haaf da day ..

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Guest Anonymous
LMAO i take it you must be the new chef this thread is for food reviews not what your team might do ...... Heard it all before again LMAO!!!
No im not the new chef, and you say you have heard it all, where do you work as i presume you are a chef by reading previous reviews. no eaterie should be butchered for trying as food in shetland as awhole tends to be a carbon copy of retro 70s style food not a unique feature of shetland.
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