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Local Food Reviews - Dining Out & Take Aways


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yum. fish from fort. never been dissapointed.


ditto 8)


scallowa hotel wss really good last time i wis oot dere. also had a meal ida kveldsro at da start o da month, an dat wis excellent as weel.


solottis are also up t dere usual high standards on da sassermaet front dis week an aa!!!!! :D :D :D

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Does onybidy think dat Osla's his gone servearly doon hill recently?

Its never been brilliant, but the last time i was in there..

We were asked for our order about a minute after sitting down, then after sending the waitress away we had to wait for a good 20 minutes for service again. They would walk around our table, look at us, see we were looking at them, but no service!

There was about 6 of them working... (5 being new young staff) and there was clearly NO communication between them.

Our table was dirty and when someone came to clear it, we still had to ask for wir order t b taken!!


Now, being a waitress myself, i was getting unbelieveably annoyed.. I didn't want to seem rude and wave them down for an order to be taken, because it annoys me when people do that to me.


Once we finally got our order taken, it took them a good 5/10 minutes to bring a lemonade and a hot chocolate.. Which came a few minutes apart from each iddr!!!!!


The same with out food.. Tables that came in after us had ordered and been served before us! Food came a good 5 minutes apart from each other! Its not like the quality of food was very good either, the staff also don't seem to understand any alergy orders taken either!!


They all need some good training!


There is no way, you would have that many young new staff on at once, when they all needed training.. Yeah, it was a saturday, but it wasn't very busy and the amount of staff in there, for such a terrible service...


Lets say i wasn't happy!!!

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Yep - service has been like that for years. I mind me and my best pal going in there a good few years ago now, must have been when I was about 16 or 17. There was a young lass on who served a few tables that were seated after us but blanked the two of us. Finally a young boy took our order, and a few minutes after this lass finally came by and said 'Are you being served, yeah?' I said 'Yes...' and resisted the urge to end with '...no thanks to you.'


It never seems to get any better - a shame, because I do love those Cheeky Monkey sweet pancakes. Not had one in years...

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Because of the lack of niceness/speed/acknowledging you're actually wanting served and are willing to pay good money to eat there we have not been in Oslas for at least a year, so we went in yesterday and hey guess what? same again. So we'll maybe make that an annual visit to see if things improve.

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i mean i cant eat anything thats had tomato on it....purely because it makes me feel so sick. i remember sending something back because o it and all they did was take the tomato off! needless to say if it was my bf and they had put mayo on it there would have been a lovely lovely mess on the floor. but honestly they should listen to what people can and cant eat as someone could end up really ill. and YES i have told them this before.

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Recently went to the Scalloway hotel, disappointing as I had previously had really good meals there.

But this time, I could have made far better at home, also the service wasn't as good as it has been previously.


I've also recently been to Baroc (Golden Coach), excellent meal, good service. Only thing was we had to keep asking for drinks.

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