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Local Food Reviews - Dining Out & Take Aways


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The last two chickens I had from the fort were a real disappointment. One was dry and old??? The next time I had a chicken it was very watery and the batter was half cooked, in fact does the watery chicken mean it wasn't cooked right either?


Anyhoo went to the Scalloway hotel on sat for a bar meal and it was really nice, not a great selection but something for everyone. Have booked for my mums 60th at the end of the month.

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At the new chippy again today :oops:


Very nice again, my wife reckons the best chips she's had since moving up here and that's saying something :lol: Fish was spot on too 8)


Bit disturbing to see the donner kebab on the turn at lunch time. Does anyone actually eat them on a lunch time :shock:

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Went to Spiggie for Valentine's day "lunch".. Very disapointed with everything really... no-one welcomed us as we came in, waited then had to go through to the bar and tell them we had a reservation, poor communication...we just followed the waiter through to the restaurant... which had no lights on.. dark, unwelcoming, candles on table but were not lit, the overall look of the place for a restaurant was just run down and unkempt and for Valentine's day you would have thought they would have made some kind of effort!!

The menu was just a typical sunday lunch menu...only 3 choices of each course. I had typical sunday lunch - chicken, roast tatties, veg... a small spoon full of gavy, chicken was very dry and tough, very little taste.

The pudding was poor... could have been bought, the cream had been whipped so much it had started to separate, and I'm sure the black cherries were tinned!


New Harbour Chippy Chips are realy good... I can't decide if as good as Fort chips but Flippin not far off! Have not had fish yet.. that may well be tonights tea :lol:


Chinese - Been very disapointed with the Chinese Takeaways in town over the last few months, bland, tastless, no sauce... so we tried Castle Cafe in Scalloway, has been good every time... really tasty, plenty sauce and you can watch them cooking everything so you know exactly whats going in it!


Better aff getting fresh ingredients and making it yourself!! :D

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