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Local Food Reviews - Dining Out & Take Aways


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We went to Flames today at lunchtime.


The starters were good - garlic bread, garlic mushrooms and chicken wings.


There was a slight mix up over one item on the order, but they sorted it out quickly and gave us the burger and chips on the house (even though I would happily have paid for it). Everyone seemed to be happy with what they got, although another time I would ask them to leave off the cheese slices.


It was busy, and i think that we were lucky to arrive just before the rush, but I think that they more organised.


It's fine to have another place to go to.

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We tried to go to Flames today, but couldn't get a table, despite the fact that a whole section of high stools and table were empty along the side, we would have been more than happy to sit there... wondered why they couldn't be used? The lass did say we could wait for 15 mins to try and get a table, but with a cold and hungry 6 year old it wasn't an option for us.

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Sorry that you couldn't get a table, Gypsyscy. Basically Saturday lunchtimes are manic as many families come for a meal while they're out. We're open 7 days from 12 till 11pm so hopefully you can make it again sometime. We are using a waiting list as well when we're busy so that we can get everyone seated ASAP and in an orderly fashion.


The reason the stools haven't been used are because we're finding very few ppl want to sit there - we were hoping that they would have got used by individuals or maybe by couples but it's been a non-starter. The other reason we haven't pushed it has been because the stools are quite close to the tables and people at the tables don't appear to like the lack of privacy if you know what we mean. We will probably be removing the bar and adding more tables soon.


In the next month or so we should also have outside seating arranged once the balcony/ballustrade is in place.


And yes we're continuing our training and hoping for an official opening on 18th Feb.


Thanks for all the feedback - it's very useful.

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First trip today to Flames... and it lived up to the generally positive impression given by other posters.


Got seated no problem at 6:30, our two starters/four mains were all served within 10 minutes by very friendly and professional staff. Good portion size for the price.

The wifes prawn curry went down very well as did the burgers and pizza that the rest of us had.


Our kids loved it - great atmosphere for family at this time of night.


The owner spoke very passionately about his vision and future improvements and I wish him and his team the best of luck. We will be going back again.

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We went for our first visit to Flames today


Food - good quality and tasty

Value for money - very good

Service - very good

Toilets -very clean though lacked a mirror for touching up my make-up :wink:

The buffet looked really fresh and varied but the menu was overly long for me.


The grapes following our meal were a nice touch and first rate. We left satisfied, full and impressed:D

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