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Tried the Saffron recently. Bad move!


Food - excellent

Staff - excellent

Customers - like a football crowd, constant shouting, ear piercing whistling, I couldn’t hear what was being said by the two people I went with, and it went on for the whole time we were there. An evening out spoiled by anti-social twats.

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I notice the musuem menu says:


> Half portions are available on request


Are they half the price too ?


I was noticing:


> Local Beef Burger with Smoked Brie, Gherkins,
> Sweet Potato Fries, Salad & Coleslaw
> 10.50


What's the cheapest burger in town ?



Probably the van at Tesco, £2.50.

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Was in the String for Lunch on Friday.

Lovely place inside with polite and quick service.

The wife had the Fish chowder, while I had fish Goujons.

The mrs says the chowder was nice but maybe a bit too much Dill.

I did notice the slice of bread was a bit mean.

The fish Goujons were good and in a lovely light and crisp batter. The chips were also nice but the highlight was the curry ailoli.

Unfortunately the wife thinks the coffee is rank.

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Had lunch in Magno today.

I wasn't expecting much but was really pleasantly surprised.

The place has had a refit and looks much cleaner and more welcoming.

It is still a burger and pizza place but also does things like baked potatoes and sandwiches.

The wife had a chicken mayo baked tattie while I had a cheeseburger.

She thought the tattie was nice but the chicken mayo could have had more seasoning.

The cheeseburger was pretty amazing a good and meaty burger plenty of salad and some really nice home made chips.

the food was freshly cooked, very nice and portions ample.

We both then had some of the cream. Absolutely gorgeous!

The price was very reasonable, the food was great and the service was quick and cheerful. We will be back!

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Also went to the Magno! They seem to have lost a number of seats to extend the refrigerated displays, one of which was having food bailed out of it by the staff whilst someone repaired it.


Staff were great, food was great, prices were good. I wish they would offer a 10” pizza as 7 inch is ok for kids, but 12 inch is too big, although you can always take the spare away with you.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that the WiFi may have gone.

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Had a meal at the Brasserie Restaurant lerwick hotel for my dads 60th. The decor was awesome. Lovely staff very chilled. The food was great. the only thing we didn't like was the puddings, but still enjoyed every min there. Huge improvment since we went last time a few years back, we had a table in the back , ugly green room with no windows so very glad they did away with that.

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This looks like it might be Good



Each Thursday.....6/13/20th December..... from 5pm until last orders 9.30pm......we have a special shoppers menu; so come and join us for your " tea" before shopping; or join us after for a relaxing supper.
12.95 2 course 16.95 3 course....all served in the Waterfront Bar and grill .( usual menu also available as always)


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