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Local Food Reviews - Dining Out & Take Aways

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Surprising large choice of nosh in da toon!

1 Weighbridge
2 Shetland Hotel
3 Grantfield
4 Skipidock
5 Olive Tree
6 New Chinese at card shop
7 Spice of India
8 Saffron
9 Magno
10 Mareel
11 Hays Dock (to be let)
12 Raba
13 Da Fort
14 Happy Haddock
15 Cest la Vie
16 Harbour Cafe
17 Peetie Shop
18 Havly
19 Dowry
20 String
21 Grand
22 Queens
23 Peerie Shop
24 Harbour Street Indian
25 Red Dragon or whatever they are now called
26 Great Wall
27 Faerdie Maet
28 Kveldrso
29 Unken Wagen
30 Fjara
31 Mainlands Burger Van
32 Kantersted Chinese?
33 Clickimin Centre
34 Harbour Fish and chip shop
35 Shetland Fudge Street shop
36 Islesburgh
37 Lerwick Hotel

Probably some errors, omissions or spelling mistakes?!

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