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avi files from usb stick on xbox 360


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Are you on the latest 360 dashboard / XBE? Depending how old your 360 is (and how long it's been, if ever, since it last had an internet connection) you may well have to download that first. Have fun :wink:


Thanks for that, I got the latest dashboard update from the web and applied it to the xbox with a usb stick so its up to date in that respect, its just that the optional media update that makes avi's work has to be obtained through xbox live (as far as I can tell) so i need to hook it up to the www.


If I don't get the thing running from the connection at work I'll try hooking it up to my pc at home with an ethernet cable and try to set up sharing with my mobile broadband dongle. I'd have done this already but the pc is boxed at the moment after moving house.

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Amazingly this has worked first time with no hassle at all. Bought an ethernet cable at lunchtime and followed the instructions here




once i got home. No need to get a roasting from my boss for network abuse, score!


Got the optional media update downloaded and now I can play avi files from my xbox.


Although not all of them will play because some of the codecs used in some of the avi files aren't supported.


Thanks for the help

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May 2009


Networked the PC and Xbox together and used Tversity to transcode all the avi's that wouldn't play instead of using a drive directly attached to the Xbox through its usb port.


March 2020


If your video files is not supported, you may use iDealshare VideoGo to convert AVI, MKV, FLV, VOB, AVCHD etc to Xbox 360 more supported video format


Has he tried FFMPEG Mr. Necromancer?

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