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Best Broadband Provider?


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Tiscali, been with them for years, too many years. If you'd asked before last December, I'd have said they were okay. Since then line speeds have been yo-yoing all over the shop, anyhere between around 5 meg down to 0.5 meg, dropped connections daily, anything between 2 or 3 times in a day up to more than 12 in less hours....I would only recommend them to my worst enemy.

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Can only speak for B.T. The only major problem I have with them is my download speed drops right off in the evening but other than that i'm ok with them.


Are you still getting this?


Our connection has improved dramatically since around february with no noticable slowdown at any time. Fingers crossed it stays that way..


Looks like we won't be getting more useful adverts after all : BT abandons Phorm

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I can recommend PlusNET, im on 80gb/month with unlimited downloads from midnight-8am £19.99/mo, it was £11.49 for the first 3 months


Offer is now 60GB/month, unlimited between midnight - 8am, free McAfee AV and a free wireless router if you sign up for a year.


Almost always get decent speeds, only problems I've had is when BT's network goes down the pan, damned monopoly that it is, cant wait for shetland telecom :D

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Same computer and same internet usage for last 3 years, but for last 3 months BT have given charges for going over download limit. Looking to get a better service provider if there is one.

Any recommendations?


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simple solution is to get your download limit increased

im with BT just now and dont have any complaints... just yet but my speed does fluctuate between 1Mbps and 3Mbps and a ping of around 70ms which is still good for gaming

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I could stay with BT but i'm not convinced that this isnt some sort of marketing ploy. I know the sites I visit regularly, i don't download films/music ect, my surfing habits have not changed over the last 4 years. I have never been over my limit before december last year, which is when i started to receive emails from BT saying about exess useage and changing package. I'm pretty sure no one else has hacked access to my router and BT cant give me any explanation as to why all of a sudden my usage has increased so much, all they seem interested in is signing me up for a new contract.

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^^^^ What is your download limit?


I know my Dad only has a 1 or 2 Gb/mo limit, and if he was to start using, say, the BBC iplayer, to stream TV, he would exceed that pretty quickly. You haven't started watching a lot of streaming TV recently, have you?


Also, does anyone know of a metering program I can use in the background to track my usage? Something like that would allow you to track your usage and tell if BT are being honest, or pulling the piss to try and get you to upgrade to a more expensive package. And if it's monitoring your computer and your computer is downloading less than BT is sending to your router, that might indicate someone else piggybacking on your wireless.

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