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It has to be a cat for me - I think the Ancient Egyptians (who venerated them as gods) had the right idea. Plus, they are the world's number one teachers in how to r-e-l-a-x. Alas, living two floors up with only a ladder fire escape, I haven't had feline company for many a year.


As someone once said, dogs have masters, but cats have staff. :)


My big sister, OTOH, is a big softie who will make a fuss of pretty much any animal she encounters - despite having been bitten on the nose by a dog which didn't appreciate the attention when she was a girl. Despite being retired, she still regularly travels halfway across the country to pet-sit for friends, although her efforts at home don't currently extend beyond the plant kingdom. Her sitting room is not unlike a tropical rainforest in density of greenery ... actually, there might be animals living in there somewhere in the upper branches ...

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