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What's a child's life worth?


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I'm so angered by this. So angry I'm finding it hard to find the words to say what i want to say.


I was waiting to see what the outcome of this would be, and hoped it would be in favour of the children. But yet again they have been let down.


Every single child in the images on the memory stick has had its life destroyed.


Mr. Scollay and every other adult that downloads child porn may as well have been in the room holding the camera and filming as the abuse was taking place. There is no difference...and whether he paid for it or not is of no consequence.


This is unbelievable! What is the point of me and all my other colleagues as childcare workers ever attending any child protection training when there are no punishments being handed out to the perpatrators of child abuse?


From what I can see there is no wrong in the eye's of the law in this crime. Time and time again I see paedophiles get off lightly and it sickens me.


"The (psychologist's) report seems to confirm this was a reaction to the stress he was suffering at the time"

How many of us have come home stressed from work today? Would that give you a right to watch young children being horriffically abused?


"Ordering him to carry out 300 hours community service, Sheriff Napier said he was entitled to jail Scollay for up to five years to discourage other people from viewing such images"


This is what happens all the time. How come paedophiles always have such good character references? Where is the character reference for the victims of these crimes?? Who stands in court and explains the long term effects of abuse on these children and the future generations.


"The sheriff placed him on the sex offenders register but did not recommend that the government ban him from working with children under 16"


EH???? This is utterly disturbing. I feel distinctly uncomfortable knowing that the law will allow sex offenders work with my children. This raises concern both as a parent and a childcare worker.


It a sad world we are living in when a one man gets jail for pest control while another gets away with child abuse.

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I wouldn't quite call it pest control but I totally agree with everything else that you are saying and Mr Scollay isn't the first and i'm sure he wont be the last to get away with this. I have very little faith in the justice system in Scotland (Shetland especially) but I do feel that more needs to be done in order to protect children from paedophiles and sexual offenders. As for Mr Scollay being allowed to work with children, I think this is an utter disgrace. Whats the point of disclosure Scotland if this is the case!!

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Having been aware prior that this type of thread deteriorates into nothing worthwhile but rather vitriol and spite towards individuals - this thread is now locked.


The sentence has been passed. Take it up with the Sherrif if anyone has an issue!

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Trout....I'm wondering?


Why can people be allowed to give opinion on recent events in Shetland but not this one?


Why is it fine for one person to have his character torn to shreds on Shetlink but not this one?


How come other cases can be discussed in detail without being locked?


How come a child sex offender is being protected yet again?


Getting off lightly, second time today.



[mod]Due to the emotive and distressing nature of events we choose not to have it discussed on the forum at this time. Any further attempt at continuing this thread will be removed and or deleted without notice.


To discuss forum moderation decisions please feel free to PM the relevant Mod or contact admin@shetlink.com.


Unless this subject could be kept to an objective discussion of the finer points of the Scottish legal system or other, which it hasn't, it will remain closed. To continue it would benefit no-one, generate speculation and hearsay and potentially cause distress, anger, or other unfavourable responses in the process.


Thread locked.


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If you go and look at the thread in question, there isn't much fact that isn't straight from a single newspaper article. The rest is just shouting and speculation.


As other mods have mentioned, if the subject could be discussed objectively, then it would be permitted. Experience (including the threads started here today, never mind those slagging the moderators for taking appropriate action) has shown that people cannot discuss this kind of matter calmly.


There has to be a line, and the very first few posts crossed it. Getting upset at Shetlink's decision is futile since it is very much a case of 'damned if you do; damned if you don't'. When posters cannot remain objective, it quickly becomes a nightmare to moderate.


More appropriate is to write to your MP on this subject. I have done in the past. I may do again shortly.

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It is not exempt. Discuss with your family, your friends on the phone, your newspaper editor, your MP, your postie.


But Shetlink have taken a decision based on posts so far, and on subjects in the past. Essentially, they are too much work. With all your shouting, bold statements and exclamation marks, you gave someone a headache. Ranting and raving about a newspaper report is just pointless. Comments so far have been unhelpful, tabloid stuff.


When there are worthwhile contributions to make on the more general topic of child abuse, then I'm sure there's a thread where this matter could be discussed. Tonight, on Shetlink is not the place.

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