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And what would you do with 110million?

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Buy a large temperate, autonomous, wildlife-rich island and call it Zetland.

Build a massive tide driven water wheel on each side of the island.

Lay a cable to the nearest landfall, selling electricity and importing ultra-broadband.

Rent out agricultural ground for livestock.

Build a smokehouse and eat smoked fish/meat all year around, perhaps export some.





...hmm, better stop, this could get horribly detailed.


Launching a satellite would be cool. Purpose as yet unknown, but something nefarious and sinister anyway. 8)

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For now:


- Pay off my overdraft

- When I graduate, pay my loan off in one lump sum - it will probably stand at between £8-9,000 when I'm done with uni next year

- Take shorthand classes

- Get driving lessons

- Upon passing said lessons, buy a car - a Mini or a Citroen Berlingo / C3

- Buy a house / flat in the West End

- Buy my mam a house in Spain (because she'd love one)


That's all I can think of for now.

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After that initial post I thought later, I'd probably end up donating some of it too. I'll never need it all.


I know the Strath campus needs a new union building for a kick-off, and I'd imagine I'd donate a good bit of it to charity as well. I just dunno which one yet :?

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i'd pay fir stuart hill's air fare t da sooth o england. dat wid cost a braa lok o it. i widna want t pit him on a boat...


I hope it would be a one way ticket :lol:



I would have gone to claim it. And then ask for it to be paid in pound coins, as one can’t trust electronic money these days or paper come to that. And die trying to spend it all :lol:

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