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Ex Chief Exec - Dave Clark


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allegedly Mr Shannon also wrote the job description for the post as well.......mmmm that stinks if true

Not at all. I recently wrote my own job description too, and there are many good and honest reasons why this is a useful thing to do. Just because he was involved (allegedly) doesn't mean that nobody else had a say in it either.


There are also beyond many good and honest reasons why, as a senior publicly funded position, that this, if true, is not in any way 'good and honest'. A highly paid position was created (by whichever means) which effectively was the second most senior staff position in the Council. This was was filled by conveniently (for whatever reason) muddling someone into the position without any open and competetive employment process. Is that good and honest? I don't think as a tax payer this is good practice in the public sector - do you? Collectively I am sure the senior levels of Council Service Heads at the time would have been doing a collective back-flip at not being given a sniff of an opportunity to at least apply for a post of this nature, never mind the fact that a post of this seniority, like the Chief Executive position, should clearly have been subject to an open, fair and wide-ranging recruitment process at the time.


I don't think the current position is good practice either but we do need to put everything in perspective.

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Guest Anonymous

I for one, would be interested to see, if this thread had a poll, "Should he stay, or should he go", how Mr Clark would fare.


I'd guess that considering his popularity in Shetland just now is similar to Adolf's popularity in Poland in 1939, the vote might be a foregone conclusion.


Of course I am in no way trying to give the impression that there is any similarity between the present Shetland dictatorship and that of Nazi Germany... :wink:




Coat well and truly off the hook,,,heading for the door,,,


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Fir crying oot lood, hoo lang is di guy been in office? Gee him a chance, fir f*ck sake!


So he want's ti change things, hoo lang hive you been crying oot fir change?


Someen comes alang an does it, in your aa' up in ayrms, cus it's noe di particular change yoo wanted!


Gee di guy a chance!



:shock: :twisted: 8)


Edited: for grammer (I widna dream o' tryin' t' edit it fir spellin'). :wink:

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I would agree. about his changes. could you see them being willing to have changed there decision on the high school with some older folks in post.


Now I still think that he got the post because he was the son of not because what he has done.


I would agree also if a highly paid post was unnecessary then it should go and if there are others then they should also go. But it really needs to be done kindly if there is such a way of sacking people. All these people are officers of the council if they are not behaving in the proper manner then it should be the members of the council who sort it.


maybe instead of employing some for this new post the should expand some ones role pasy them a bit more and save 50,000+.

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^^ Agreed. Its not the best sign of what's to come when Clark's only two acts worthy of public note in the 2-3 months he's been at the helm, have, on the face of them at least, been questionable and dubious.


Fine, I'll cut him just a hint of slack in case its a case he's still just finding his feet and still familiarising himself with how a red tape stifled public body is set up, but if that is the case he'd best learn, and learn damn quick, before he really screws up.

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If the dismissal be unfair, it seems odd to immediately throw yourself at the mercy of the press and public. It is not normal procedure and can only confuse matters.

At that level of responsibilty (and pay) of both parties you might expect to be putting your neck on line....at times.


Normally when there are cutbacks, they cut from the bottom and people then say you should start at the top!! This seems to be the case here for once!

I don't know either of the persons or their capabilities, but they both accepted high office. Live by the sword............................... .

I suppose it depends who your friends are.

Whats the pay-off likely to be anyway?

There are a number of people with "deleted" and now temporary deployment, living under the axe.... what of them?

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