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Ex Chief Exec - Dave Clark


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^Not sure which line of business you're in Mainlander but certainly the companies I've worked closely with have a very strict 'no alcohol' policy. In fact, if you turn up in the morning stinking of drink after a heavy night you're likely to be refused entry to the premises and face a verbal or written warning.


Given Shetland's serious problems with alcohol, I really don't think dismissing the chief exec's blatant disregard to council policy on alcohol on council premises just because 'other businesses do it' is the way to treat this.


Okay, I let you have the benefit of doubt when you were defending the claims that have been made against him, but given that you're now defending his behaviour despite him admitting he's broken council policy - are you sure you're initials aren't DC?

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Where I have worked it has generally been known as "Do as I say, not as I do"!


sounds like the words of someone witha no nonsense aproach to management.


To expand on my previous post, infiltrator, many (if not most) companies have a drinks cabinet in their boardroom or equivalent with which the directors will make free.



all very well in private companies but mainlander who pays for these drinking sessions in the Chief Execs office in Town hall.?

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I have posted a wee bit of information about myself on the "Introduce Yourself" thread, for anyone who is interested.


And I have no interest in defending the actions of any of the parties involved, but have felt while reading that maybe things have got a bit out of perspective. For all concerned, I would have thought that balanced viewpoints would be the best thing in the end.

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Here's a fairly balanced viewpoint for you Mainlander...


The 'No smoke without fire" Sum Up


- Chief Exec brings in his buddy for an "Independent Review" then celebrates said "Independent" review over alcohol on council premises

- Willie Shannon gets his job deleted thanks to Chief Exec. without any consultation against council's own policy

- Chief Exec is seen drinking in the Marlix with the person charged with investigating one of his many blunders

- Dr Wills exposes Chief Exec's many blunders and is thanked with an abusive phone call from Chief Exec which was 'supposively' witnessed by his wife

- Council's response? Give Chief Exec a holiday. And you wonder why Dr Wills is constantly on at them to follow their own procedures???? Get a grip.


Please feel free to add to the list - i've no doubt missed plenty other underhand actions by our dear friend Dave Clark.

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a) Allegedly was consuming alcohol on council permises with a former colleague. Clark claims he was not on duty at the time as he'd taken the afternoon off.


Personally I'd be more concerned about the decision to let Clark get away with awarding the review work to his former colleague, than a dram when he was supposedly off duty but still on council premises, but that's me.


B) Willie Shannon's job vanished in equally dubious circumstances to that in which it appeared. It is claimed the job never had a job description, so it is open to debate if it ever really existed in an official capacity at all. Difficult to see how its removal in the way it was can be questioned without also having the same debate about its creation, they are the two halves of one whole....but a whole other can of worms. Two wrongs may not make a right, but insisting on going by the book going off stage, when its debatable whether or not you had a right to be on it in the first place is absurdity.


Yes, by all means Wills should keep on poking and prodding wherever he sees irregularities, but I wish he would go about it by collecting adequate evidence to go in for the kill with, and not the great big pile of not a lot he's produced so far. All he has so far is good for generating an endless round of bickering, backstabbing and sniping and an official fudge to smooth things over which will place a veneer of calm on it for the public's benefit, but nohing else. The war will continue unabated behind the scenes, which will really help the council be an effective one, and I don't think.

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As the Witch-hunt against David Clark goes on..

I thought I'd mention the last Witch burnt to the stake in Scotland..

Janet Horne!!

This was at Dornoch... about 30 miles north of Inverness!!

Mr Clark may see his fingers burnt shortly!!

Has anyone watched the Wicker Man?


I am cheeky!

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what about buying in the staff from another authority. get rid of all the heads of departments re group them under fewer sections and reduce the number of bosses. this won't have much impact on what gets done because the real workers will still be doing there jobs.


Aside from being ridiculously expensive, not to mention completely unworkable. Remember, these "other staff" you propose "buying in" will have their own job to do as well as messing around with some island up north they don't give 2 hoots about.


Worst. Idea. Ever.


Oh, and keeping things on topic. With Wills latest "outburst" on Shetland News regarding his wish to have Clark barred from the Town Hall, I'll highlight this quote..


“I want to avoid any confrontation. I didn’t want it in the first place and because I feel I have been threatened I want him to be absent from my place of work.â€


Dare I suggest to Dr. Wills that, until this police matter is solved, if he is desperate to avoid Mr. Clark then he should consider staying away from the town hall? Plus, as Sandy Cluness says in the article, David Clark is on holiday thus has no need to be near the Town Hall. Was even worth a story?

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Well if nothing else, anyone who has to have any contact with Mr Clark, should record all conversation with him, whether on a phone or in a office. But a video would be better. If the last three months, is anything to go by. I have not see or heard anything that would make want to personally trust him.

So if I should happen to see him lying at the side of the road . Pist or otherwise I will use my prerogative and ignore him and pass him by.



Maybe Sherlock can help. Is there a law that states you must give any assistance at a accident, if you come on it. By car or on foot? When you were not involved in it, in anyway. Apart from it being , something everyone else would expect you to do.

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Well if nothing else, anyone who has to have any contact with Mr Clark, should record all conversation with him, whether on a phone or in a office. But a video would be better.


I rather suspect that Mr Clark will be employing a recording device of some kind in any further dealings with Mr Wills, too!

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