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Ex Chief Exec - Dave Clark


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^^ I'll tak a tenner on dat!


Nor do they even try to give any reason why an extra £100,000 a year now has to be spent to deliver something that could have been cost neutral.................it can't regard it as anything other than a grotesque and obscene act of appeasement !!!! (in my opinion).


Nice to know the money saved from those frontline employees who are facing a less well off festive season due to having their wages cut or frozen when single status was implimented is going to a good cause..


One can only imagine how it would feel to have been told the cuts were unavoidable then this. Hellish.

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Willie 'no Job' gets his seat back at the trough, with special projects his task. Any body have any idea what projects he might be employed at?


Maybe a permanent senior Shetlink moderator perhaps?


'Ah' but the Dave Clark five has banned SIC lackies from spewing their 'I hate Sandy Cluness' and 'Gazza Robinson is ace' out to the masses during office hours.


Meanwhile -


Our budget deficit goes from £16m in the hole to £16.1m in the hole.


And guess what - we are now going to employ a capital projects manager to oversee projects we really dont need, never mind we cant afford!


Beam me up!!!!!!

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Guest Anonymous

I found it rather funny tonight when I looked at the Shetlink Home page, and the Shetland Times links, to see that it stated:


Competition between departments blamed for £1 ...


OK, I know it's just the way that the topic title is shortened, but I still thought it was great to see the SIC thinking in such small values for a change. :lol: :lol:

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The original 'post' has been retracted IN TOTAL DISGUST. :mrgreen:

When I saw the published group of 'Councillors and Officials' I thought perhaps (at last) maybe they can turn over a new leaf and move things forward and that people can have a focus on who is actually responsible for overseeing Council business.

I even thought that musical chairs may even occur during 2010.

I was so WRONG.

In one of the many reports in the SN, we have Dave Clark taking the credit that he had put this group of people together (informally) back in July 09 and it was this same group that seemingly okayed his plan that he go ahead and sack Willie.

Now this 'GROUP' have been been given official status within the SIC.


But all this happened of course yesterday.

Today, the public have the revelations concerning Audit Scotland (again), but more seriously this time, Scotland's Accounts Commission.

I do not expect this group will have much chance to do anything. :mrgreen:

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^^ I doot dey wir gotten wird dey wir comin afore yisterday.


Never has sudden silence on so many subjects and a flurry of pulling bunnies out of hats in a futile attempt to make themselves look even half kirsen said so much.


You can just see it...."there's a big mannie comin wi a big stick", and just like a school class with the teacher out of the room they're all going "Husht, say we wirna doin a thing...awbody's gotta git the story straight....right. And anybody screws up gits a dookin in the bogs at interval...."

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I'm not here to do anything but help the "new arrangements" work.....everyone loves transparency and openness and rewards based on results


So this far then...............3 days in what has the "formalised" Senior Member / Senior Officer liason committee decided? (no meetings, no agendas).


So this far then ...............3 days in what has the "resumed" Assistant Chief Executive contributed to delivering signifcant corporate projects? (hmmm..... so far he has not been at any desk yet??, but he is still being paid?? etc. etc.)


Should I ask this question daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, milleniumly....... or never??

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Theres a guy staying near me in the posh part of Lerwick who looks like the new Chief Exec. I would describe him as a younger version of Clint Eastwood.

He has been very courteous and polite to me and my neighbours. Is that him? Should we be scared?


you've got to ask yourself one question:....... Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? ...

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I didn't reply to your original question because the answer was just too dull to bother posting.


And replying yet again about where my information comes from is even more so.


If you have a real reason for your insinuations then please do say what it is and I will answer to the best of my ability, but if it is just another dig then please give it a rest.

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I have already told the Mods previously to feel free to check anything they like about whether my identity matched that of any other Shetlink user, and I am sure they will have since the same slurs have been made previously.

I've never quite understood this post. I presume that you are referencing the belief by some that you are the CE. If so, it seems to imply that you consider such a comparison to be a slur. That would be quite funny.

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