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I can't cook. I never could cook. I am, however, most apt at zapping food in microwaves to crisp perfection.


Since moving here, I've become a tad more adventurous and have even peeled spuds ...


... so I told hubby I was making a curry.


"Whack in 1/2 tablespoon of masala powder and the same of turmeric" he yells as he goes out the door. "Burn it (well, I'm good at that) with oil and then add the beef with some water but not too much water. Add a dollop of tomato sauce and after 20 minutes add the veg and simmer. Don't worry if it isn't thick enough, I can always add some Bisto when I get back".


So I dutifully follow said instructions, but figuring that a dessert spoon is close enough to 1/2 tablespoon. Mmm, why don't this taste of curry? Oh well, I've done what he said.


Hubby returns ...


... "You never put any ****ing curry powder in, you dozy mare".


Why is it men will never admit that they never said something? No, it wasn't blooming obvious that masala wossits and turmeric weren't curry powder!


Perhaps this should be a kitchen and not living room thread LOL.


Anyone fancy giving me cookery lessons? :wink:

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Phew! Come in for some sanity. 3 year old grandson up and his Dad fell asleep, Grandad asleep and left me in charge!!!


Apparently, tractor and trailer have crashed and the hay has come off the back.


I sooooo aren't cut out for this - ooh, who mentioned lager? Blow that, gimme a large brandy now!

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Well if one needs a can of Tennent's? Tesco's is currently running a good deal on the lager! Spend £30 on shopping - get an 18 pack for a fiver!!

A tip for all... If you are doing a big shop.... Split it up ... to get more lager!!

Anyway can we get back to peace and quiet here?

The fire needs stoking.

And we need more peats..

Anyone offering to go outside and fetch them?

I will make you a cuppa while you do it!!

Thanks :wink:

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