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Anyone on T-Mobile?? Mobile phone coverage


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I had to end up ending my contract with them as the reception was not very good in town(was no signal at all in most of the pubs :cry: ) but having said that i did get a good signal out in scalloway. I find Vodafone to be much better, i have heard that o2 is as good. This was in November last year, i suppose it is possible they have improved their signal since then.

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I do live in town yeah, but im in Aberdeen at uni as well and it obviously works well here.

But in Shetland i find it mostly works well - not as well as Vodafone and O2, but I like the contract (Ufix).

I think the only places i can remember not having signal, in town, is downstairs in the Noost and JAStewarts house but it'd be no bother to step outside and get one.

I guess if you want guarenteed signal go for vodafone or O2 but if you dont really care, then dont.

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I will have to re-think this. There is no point signing up with T-Mob for an 18 month contract without fairly good guarantees that I will be able to use the service.


Perhaps the time has come to look for a SIM card on eBay (cheap) and give it a test. :?


....EDIT.... Just bought a T-Mobile SIM for £4 inc delivery. At least I can now see for myself!!


Thanks for all of your help

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