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Legal question? Are end-of-the-track farm tables allowed?


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The "table" is doing very well.


I keep the eggs in a cooler box with daily changes of freezer blocks. It has been going a couple of weeks and I have made about £20!


There are usually some very nice, yummy scrummy banana muffins in there too and I might put in some chocolate brownies to test that market if anyone is interested!!!


Please give me your empty eggboxes. Leave them beside or in the box.






Cheerful chickens!

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:? :?:


Has this thread turned into an advert? I canna decide. Blast you Frances and your surreptitious charming clever marketing! :P


Payment by muffin may be considered, rather than making you shell out for the eggsposure on Shetlink.


:P :wink:

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Oh egg - I think I may be done for egging you on and eggsaggerating with my silly yokes. Don't worry, it will all be ova soon come winter!


From now on my conduct will be eggsemplary in case you make an eggsample of me.


I promise, in the future, to go through the right channels and shell out for adverts like eggerybody else, if nest-ecessary!


Should I need to hatch a plot, I will poach an idea or two and fry like the wind!


I am not some hard-boiled business woman but just see the world sunny side up!


I had better finish this before I eggspire!


(Clucking shell - do you think I over-egged it?)

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