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Google car in Shetland


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You can ask them to remove it - there are very few limits on taking photos in a public place..... chances are you would have to prove a specific harassment to force legal action on it.

Google are bluring faces to save the hassle, but it's not a legal requirement.


They want to remain popular so as far as I can see they're making it quite clear people can opt out.



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I don't see what all the fuss is about, its only a photo. I mean, how is it an invasion of privacy? whoever or whatever is in the photos, is obviously there and available for the public to see, before the pictures were taken. So i don't see how taking a picture is any different. Unless of course people are doing things in private which they don't want people to see, in which case, they should be doing it in 'private' away from the public eye. Its not like its video footage or anything. If it was webcam streaming then that might be a different story. Not that it would bother me of course. How many people walk along the market cross, or along victoria pier and thinks "oh my god people are watching me on the webcam!!" not very many I would think.

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One of my dogs got snapped by it in a road in East London last year. Be quite funny if the same dog got google earthed/street viewed again now that we've moved!


I make no bones about the fact that I have a long way to go re legislation covering Shetland but do know that the Data Protection Act applicable in England and Wales takes the stance that there has to be more than one person present in a photograph/video/film for it to comply - this may be why Google Earth are masking peeps' faces. I know that in London peeps were annoyed as it would highlight to potential house purchasers things like unswept streets, car parking problems, etc., but then when they went to view a property, they would find that out probably anyway!


Incidentally, it took about 8 months before the images were available on Street View.


I wonder if Google Earth are going to sort out their current aerial photos of Shetland? I could never get South Mainland showing and always got cloud cover so used Microsoft Virtual Earth instead.

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