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Snooker (local)


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It's absolutely fine to turn up anytime the bar is open to have a game without being a member, the bar staff will be able to sign you in.


There is no need to book tables, it's really rare for all 4 to be in use. There is no charge to hire cues or anything, but you guys sound like you may have your own! The lights take 50ps I seem to remember (not a huge snooker player myself!) which you can easy get from behind the bar and I think 50p gives you half an hour or something like that. As I say, not the expert on snooker!


So yeah, basically as long as the bar is open, you don't need to be a member as the bar staff will be able to sign you in. You can just ring the buzzer and someone will let you in...no secret handshake or password required!


Basically the bonus of being a member is the 24 hour access and the power of being able to sign folk in! Plus the fact that you can do voluntary bar duty which means you get beer tokens and a fab night out once a year in return for your help. And of course, the fun of being involved.


I personally think it's a very under-rated club. I've always enjoyed my nights out there.




i realize this is an old thread but if i wanted to go out and play snooker at W&W then i would only be able to go out at 8 since im not a member?


is there a phone number for W&W?

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