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Sumburgh Airport Closed - BT Phone Faults


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BT have had a lot of service issues recently. Our line failed and took a while to get back up and running, it was a technical fault in the exchange. One of the many support lines had a pre-recorded message saying they were currently having difficulties.


Interestingly, in the same time frame, my laptop has started picking up a PAYG wireless network entitled BT Openzone* that wasn't here before. Could they be doing a major upgrade in the exchanges? - or have they just hacked our modem and are now using it as a pay-as-you-go wifi hub? - I wouldn't put it past them. (If they were I'd bin it and re-connect an old one!)


* haven't bothered to google it yet. Interestingly it says on the title page that BT Total broadband users can log into it - which should theoretically mean that as a paying customer this would work anywhere it is available.

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Does anybody know how long the airport in Sumburgh will be closed ?


We want to take a plane on Sunday from Edinburgh to Shetland.


I would imagine that you will be fine if you have seats booked.


They only do this on sunny days (not very often). Forecasting showers for the next couple of days so you should be fine.

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