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Overpopulation (This thread may not be suitable for minors)

Overpopulation is a serious problem. To tackle it, should we...  

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  1. 1. Overpopulation is a serious problem. To tackle it, should we...

    • Deliberately exterminate 3.5 billion people in the most humane way science can devise.
    • Allow "nature to take it
    • Do everything we can to avert this catastrophy and allow numbers to fall naturally in line with declining birth rates due to the higher standard of living enjoyed in the West.
    • Pray

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The young adults of today are both less monogamous and more celibate.


Monogamy is societally enforced and good for birthrates because it increases the odds of mediocre men forming families, but the natural state is that sharing the top tier men is more preferable to women.


How else do you explain an uptick in STDs while people are having Les sex?


As for LGBT I believe the fact that it is trendy is causing more non homosexuals to involve themselves in the activities but the amount of gay people as a percentage of the population probably only twice what it was in the 50s.


I would worry about LGBT adults pushing sex changes on the 5 - 14 year olds interestingly autistic lesbian are most likely to be talked into this because they conform to make stereotypes


Men are as a rule less assertive with women because they have been taught not to and men who thinks buying half the crap in the Disney store is a substitute for having a spine invest heavily in women who don't respect them,

And don't respect them for good reason so they go back to sharing the manly nen

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Just about the only broad generalisation you can make about birthrates is that there is a loose correlation between them and the 'health' of society/civilisation. There are far too many, often relatively localised contributory factors involved to break it down much further.


If birthrates are in decline (which I'd suggest is perhaps no bad thing......) it would tend to suggest that our society/civilisation has maxxed out and gone beyond its optimum/sustainable population and is naturally re-balancing itself, or worse, that our society/civilisation is rotten to the core and is in the initial stages of a potentially catastrophic implosion. Neither of these possibilities should come as any surprise to anyone whose been paying attention the last quarter century.

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^ Keeping adding more and more to the grand total, either through breeding or importing just exacerbates that problem in the long run though. They get old eventually too, which drives a need to add yet more to the tax paying group's size just to maintain previous standards for the non paying group.


You can't sustain population growth indefinitely, especially on a finite area, people start falling off the edge ultimately.


Natural population control in other species follows a peak/trough model, the fact we're experiencing decline suggests we've naturally crested for our current resources and have entered the descent in to a trough. If so we can either leave it to free fall and let it go where it will, or we can attempt a managed descent to where the population achieves a sustainable flatline.


If the economy can be significantly stimulated and both businesses and people earn more, and thus pay more tax, and non-taxpayers accept a modest reduction in their expectations the descent to a flatline situation need not be all that long or too painful, but maintaining service levels from the taxation pot while paying for it through tax on struggling businesses and ever increasing numbers lowish paid employees is burying your head in the sand and ignoring the inevitable sudden and violent trough we'll all fall in to eventually.

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^There is something here that doesn't add up. If the youth of today are less monagomous they will be polyamorous. I would suggest that knocks celibacy on the head.

polyamorous with a large number of women and smaller number of men.



^It's the dependency ratio that's the problem, we need enough working age tax payers to pay for those who aren't.


Or we need to wean them off it!

Why exactly are childless elderly entitled to a portion of other peoples children's mandatory pension/NI contributions.

Because they paid in?

Wouldn't they rather gibe that money to their parents or children rather than unrelated elderly.

furthermore in the future if the working population and the retired population are racially different as is the left wing dream.

They will feel even less connection

then wouldn't the workers then become the majority of voters in time and cancel pensions if they so chose.

Zimbabwe Canceled pensions and the same type of politics is growing in the uk so yes they absolutely CAN do that

some demographics canceled first but eventually everyone.


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Testosterone levels are at a low and the fact that the Schools use of the Cane and parents smacking has been replaced by Ritalin and many obscure compounds Joe average cannot name.

Many known to stump growth and cause Breast to develop in boys.

We have an instance of a male being prescribed FEMALE hormones as a behavioral correction measure in Los Angeles, California
So goes California so goes the Us and so goes the west




The teenage boy, who has not been identified, was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) two days after he was arrested and held at Eastlake Juvenile Hall in June of last year. The doctors’ ODD diagnosis was “correlated with elevated levels of testosterone and delinquency in male youths,” according to the lawsuit filed against doctors Danny Wang and David Oh and the County of Los Angeles.
The boy was prescribed 13 doses of the hormone estrogen “without obtaining voluntary and informed consent” of himself or his parents, according to the filing with the court. The lawsuit described the treatment as “experimental.”
Estrogen is not a treatment for ODD. I can’t be more emphatic about that. You won’t find a reference anywhere that supports the use of estrogen for ODD. — James McGough, a professor of clinical psychiatry at UCLA,

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polyamorous with a large number of women and smaller number of men.


Any proof on that to justify it?


This suggests monogamy is not the default
This suggests it has declined in popularity and has become less enforced by the societal pressure.
80% of men rated "below average" on dating site.
bit exaggerated since user base likely appeals  to unattractive men due to them having more use for it.
But it is not unreasonable to assume that some of that top 20% of men aren't able to get multiple partners for one off meetings
US CDC stds at all time high
Syphilis in newborns is a tragic consequence of the growing STD epidemic
The 40 percent increase in congenital syphilis cases continues a dangerous trend seen in recent years. Although most states reported at least one case of congenital syphilis, five states – Texas, California, Florida, Arizona, and Louisiana – accounted for 70 percent of cases in the U.S.



and yes men are more likely than women to not have sex
An analysis of new research data by The Washington Post reveals a battle of the sexes, with 18 percent of the women between the ages of 18 and 30 reporting no sex in the past year—but 28 percent of men.



18% of women celibate and 28% of men 
not to mention the de-masculinisation of men meaning the supply of masculine men is also being depleted hence more women will want to share the non sissified men, partially covered in my last post.
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Did you read the article?


Also testosterone levels across the board are dropping and "meds" of the type you mentioned are known to stump growth.



And these are increasingly prescribed ever noticed there are less very big guys in the more recent generations of adults, I've never met annother big guy who wasn't a bit bashful maybe they are being weeded out as "problem children"


Got annother explanation?

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To what extent have today's men been neutered?

Unfermented Soya and runoff from birth control, pesticides into the water cycle may be a contributing factor.

Allan Turing was famously chemically castrated due to his homosexuality and the government posthumously apologized,

Experiments are being done on prisoners in the US to test "feminization" of males


We now have a situation where female hormone replacement treatments designed to make menopausal women feel as though they have a fully functional ovaries according to the request for lawsuit Estradiol was the specific drug.



i recommend watching Russell Means: Welcome To The Reservation, Partisan outlet put it out but interesting watch Russel Means was more than the guest speaker he had the whole segment.

Similar sterilization projects were seen but on native US and Canadian women who under some circumstances were declared Insane but have when they were coming to light that was seen to not be the case.


He had described how the plains Indians after being boxed in many tactics of governance were tested and later exported to the wider Occident.


Now the guy in Juvenal facility was there because he was not tried as an adult and given it was just a few months it is a certainty he did not do anything sufficiently heinous and his reasons for arrest are unknown.


It could range form anything form being a mere suspect to shoplifting, a joy ride or minor drug offense, death row inmates are often posthumously found innocent, Just saying!

And California is the type of hellscape the extreme far left want to turn all first world countries into





Inversion of ones gender is not a legal penalty of any crime in a first world country and has only been issued as a punishment for sodomy and never in the US.

their eighth amendment explicitly says

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted


now if Cutting off hands, Inverting Gender chemically or branding is to be introduced as a punishment this year then surely one should have Right to an a attorney within a fair trial and an appeals process to challenge the decision as to enable the crime to be compared to the punishment as to ensure it is fitting.


Seeing this lawsuit progress could be one of the biggest thing since the thalidomide scandal


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