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The WTF News thread

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If anything it's nice to know other Island Councils are capable of gross stupidity at times!


'Cage' for autistic Nicolson Institute pupil removed


Before you click the link - get a mental image of what you think it will be. I did an was wildly optomistic!


Yes but our Councils still sit at No 1

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Wasn't sure where to post this as it fits quite a few threads, but since it is a "news headline" :


Why the pointless gritting?


Perhaps if the author had spent a little time looking at the road at that time he would have noticed the sheen of oil and slippery road signs, along with the fact it was sand the gritter was spreading.


I think it would have been more approriate to congratulate the SIC on their quick response to a potentially dangerous situation than make up some random nonsensical complaint.

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Bacon flavoured fizzy drink invented by U.S. company... and it's likely to be a sizzler




This is the sizzling new fizzy drink for all bacon enthusiasts in the U.S., and the company behind it expects it will lead to a rash-er of orders.

J&D Foods, based in Seattle, specialises in all things bacon but has taken its obsession one step further by dreaming up a new drinkable pork product.

Already boasting products including Baconnaise and bacon-flavoured envelopes, the company teamed up with Jones Soda to produce the special edition item in time for the holidays.

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