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The WTF News thread

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Guest posiedon

I'm a carnivore and not a fan of either Morrissey or the Smiths but I can't see anything wrong with this.

It's his show, if you don't like his rules; don't go.

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OK, one of the JFK airport runways was closed today due to turtles crossing it to get to a beach on the other side:



Somewhat interesting but not particularly WTF. However, during an interview on the BBC with a spokeswoman from the FAA the interviewer asked: would it not be a good idea to build a tunnel for the turtles, or, I kid you not, a bridge! Bridge + runway does not sound like the brightest of ideas.

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A fish with a serious addiction Kit Kats


A CHOCOHOLIC fish is being weaned off a diet of KIT KATS after outgrowing its tank.


Aquarium staff were baffled when the 8.8lb giant gourami called Gary rejected normal food after being donated to them.



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The man who produces art in his sleep







G4S sacks pair who tagged offender's false leg


G4S places electronic tags on 70,000 people a year, it said

Private security firm G4S has sacked two members of staff who tagged a man's false leg allowing him to remove it and break a court-imposed curfew.



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Sorry, no ID, no Fireman Sam DVD: Sainsbury's staff refuse parents U-rated film without proof of age




WTF indeed :!:


Just how lower can the UK sink with Jobsworth-Itus


Was wonder what my late Grand-Uncle :?:


Who was just two hours from being beheaded by the Japanese in 1945.

When the second Atomic Bomb was dropped and they surrendered.

Would think of it all.

Just what did winning the war really achieve.

Now that there is no more BA BA Black Sheep and Santa Clause in some Schools just in case it offends others Just for starters.

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God knows tlady :!:


But this is what happens when you give morons a job. Where they may have to think for more then a second. And then order others about . And vote for the Liberal Democrats! Just look at our counclors.


None of our town hall twits should be in charge of a whelk stall. Never mind all the council funds for there silly pet projects.


See the following waste of there time.


Council objects to nuclear shipments through Fair Isle Channel.

Councillor urges staff to take pay cut or working fewer hours to help minimise job losses.

Councillors cleared of conflict of interest charges over Viking Energy windfarm.

Education committee to have three religious representatives despite concerns.

Two councillor-trustees attack ‘anti-democratic’ trust reform proposals.

SIC leader decries fellow councillor’s ‘poor taste’ after mock Nazi salute.


And now Talks start on summer Faroe airlink How many millions will they put into that?

So one of the counclors will get a few thousand from being on the board.


The Peter Principle states that "in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence", meaning that employees tend to be promoted until they reach a position at which they cannot work competently.


A Jobsworth is a person who uses their job description in a deliberately uncooperative way, or who seemingly delights in acting in an obstructive or unhelpful manner.


Merges the twp together..

And what do you get!

A Shetland Councillor

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It is to do with the self service system.


Any item that has an age restriction has to be approved by a member of their staff. There could be a policy on DVDs.


The screen asks the operative if they have checked the ID, if the customer has no ID, are you suggesting that the operative lies, in this instance. Perhaps they could do that with knives and drink.


It is not the member of staff but the system that employs that member.


If you are then asking their supervisor to overlook this is that right too?

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In a word, yes.


They are selling DVDs and other items with a Think 25 policy for certain items. A "U" certificated DVD, intended for children of 4 years of age does not fall within this scheme. The supervisor should know this, therefore she was either inept or, as has been broached here, a complete jobsworth.


There's no "having to lie". There's only a plank acting important. Otherwise, why would the store have issued an apology for their treatment?


Too many jobsworths around these days. Most working security at Sumburgh, it seems to me....

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