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Covers better than the original version


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Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World (originally by John Fogerty)

Status Quo - In The Army Now (the Bolland brothers)

Nazareth - This Flight Tonight (Joni Mitchell)

Nazareth - Ruby Tuesday (The Rolling Stones)

My Dying Bride - Some Velvet Morning (don't remember the original act...)


Not to forget Weird Al' Yankovic who does splendid parodies of other people's songs, which musically sound sometimes better than the originals.

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My Dying Bride - Some Velvet Morning (don't remember the original act...).

Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra


Bearing in mind how rubbish many of the more well known covers of Some Velvet Morning have been (e.g. Entombed, Primal Scream, Lydia Lunch), I was a bit dubious if the above would be a worthwhile attempt. Turns out, I think, to be a surprisingly good version. Where it really scores is how it deals with the silly flower power bit in the original, it de-naffs it significantly. Even Vanilla Fudge's version loses it a bit in those sections.


The Lee ref reminds me of a couple of other particularly fine cover versions, both by The Last Shadow Puppets. The first is their cover of Lee and Nancy's excellent Paris Summer. This is the live version on Canal+ with Alison Mosshart from The Kills:



I reckon their concert was the best I've been at in recent years. The highlight for me was another cover version, In the heat of the morning, originally by Bowie:


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