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Shetland Photos

wally jumblat

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Scalloway Castle




Sumburgh Beach


Some photos' from around Shetland...

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cant find the thread i thought already exisited so wil stick this here.




(***Mod Edit - Merged with the thread that you thought already existed that you couldn't find***)

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I've just been browsing the forum and am absolutely delighted tae find a photo, posted by Vivari in December last year, of Johnnie Morrison's truck ootside his garage in Bigton. Delighted because Johnnie Morrison is my grandfather (I guess that staement blows my anonymity!). Sadly, he passed away 16 years ago, aged 90 years. The garage is indeed no longer standing, blown down in a January gale 18 years ago - well remembered Ghost Rider! Vivari, I would love to have a copy of that photo and have PM'd you. This has made my day!

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