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Shetland Descendant needs baby names for twin boys

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Hi all. First time poster. My Great grandmother was a Howick. My own heritage is Maori (My tribe is called Tainui), Scottish, New Zealander, but most importantly I'm from the Shetland Ilse.


My wife and I are having twin boys soon and we are struggling to find suitable names for them. We have decided that their middle names will be their Grandfathers names but we then come to a standstill.


My request is that you fine people of the Ilse can suggest some traditional names from the Shetlands. Unfortunately I have no idea how to pronounce some of the names I like the look of, such as Shuard.


The boys will be named this way:


******** Jerome MacDonald


******** Mark MacDonald


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Erm, no, I don't think that would be entirely appropriate LR.



"Rasmie" has to be a strong contender (short for Erasmus)


"Lowrie" would perhaps be another firm Shetland favourite (short for Laurence) The 'low' should rhyme with 'plough' in English.





If you want a uniquely Shetland name for either, some other ordinary names have distinct Shetland pronounciations too.


Jeemie, or Jeems, for James/Jimmy


Tammy for Tommy/Thomas


Magnus is a good Norse name and has two distinct variations hereabouts. Magnie is very popular and in the south mainland transforms to Mawnsie or similar, with the 'maw" rhyming with "thaw". There are better phonetic ways to write it but that gives you the idea.


Willum for William.


Wibby for Wilbert.


Drewie for Andrew.


I'd probably vote Magnie and Lowrie. :wink:


The phonetics of this are pretty difficult as I've just remembered that NZ phonetics are fairly wild too.



Further edit - Another thing worth is that a lot of rural Shetland names are double barrelled and have been for generations. Hence, you could really make work for yourselves and name one Jeems-John and the other John-Jeems. :wink:


But Magnie-Lowrie and John-Willum would be more appropriate perhaps.

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My general advice to anyone choosing names is quite simple and based on my own personal experience. I like my name but would point out that it is not a simple name to have. It is, I suppose, a high maintenance name. This is because there are alternate spellings. I am Erik, but Eric is more common. I therefore always have to point out the "k" and check afterwards too. No big deal but in a complex world it really is an extra hassle to have to deal with which is avoidable. My advice is therefore not to give names like my own which have multiple acceptable spellings, such as Stephen/Steven, Jane/Jayne, Lesley/Leslie etc.


BTW When listing the classic trad Shetland male names Tirval should surely be included. Not just trad of course as one Shetlink user knows.

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Mitnie is another common use of Magnus.


Struggling to think of any others that haven't already been mentioned.


My son is called Aidan if he had a brother I always considered Abetin. Only so I could shout Aidan n' Abetin at them. :wink:


Something to keep in mind though when you name them. The names should be distinct enough that they don't get confused as to who you are speaking to.


Good luck!

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