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Personalised Number Plates


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There used to be an old Rolls Royce based somewhere near here (Nottingham) with the reg 130 LOX. Yes, the owner had pushed the 1 and 3 together a bit, but you have to admit he had the car to do it on.


Sadly I think he must have run out of cash to do silly things with, 'cos I saw the number a few years later on a faceless Japanese saloon. :(

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Its german - here is pics of it at the Nürburgring :




taken from here:




But it's definitely not a legal German Plate. You wouldn't be allowed to drive around like this.


A normal German Number Plate would look something like this:




The first letters standing for the "Kreis" the car comes from (e.g. I have "HOM" standing for "Kreis Homburg"), the 2 little stickers are fromthe car registration office, the top one showing when the MOT is due or when the Exhaust check is due, the bottom one showing the colours of the "Bundesland" the car is from. on this pic it's Bavaria. the last digits and number can be personalised. But only to a certain extent.


all that just to say: the numberplate might come from Germany but the registration must be british.

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