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Smyril Line / Norröna


More money to Smyril? Yes or No?  

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Norrona, on a cruise, is due in Lerwick tomorrow, 9th May at 7.30 am, just left Kirkwall.

Don't know where she will berth though as Northlink will be using the ramp.


Du joost beat me to it. Wis going to post da sam thing. Except im been told she is due in along side at 08:30.

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Yep, she berthed at 8.30 am and what a roog of folk, cars and motorbikes poured off her. I'm guessing it was a couple of hundred people and about 30-40 motorbikes.


I counted no less than 6-7 tour buses(some local and some off the Norrona) leaving loaded with people for tours.


So, if you come across any Faroese cars, bikes or tour buses on the roads please show a little kindness and patience.

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please show a little kindness and patience.


Ahem, we gave them millions of pounds for their boat and we've been waiting over four years for them to call along - how much more kindness and patience are you thinking we need to give?



I hear dee :wink: .


I believe Smyril Line posted a profit last year which is good news and I think they might be re-instating the Faroe-Bergen link into their schedule.


What my thick-as-mince fellow Shetlanders can't grasp is that the money that the Norrona brought into Shetland while running here was more than the actual investment.


Never mind, we've got Serco to look forward to......

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It was so lovely seeing her today. I wished I could have visited her. Lots of Faroese Tourists in town.


It was quite amusing when the Northlink boat went out the harbour after the Norrona came in. Obviously to let the Norrona berth to let off he busses etc as per previous link. She did come back.

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No need to get misty eyed at her departure earlier folks as she's scheduled to return on same cruise next year...yay!


Yay indeed!. It's a pity she didna arrive dis morning wi da bonnie weather and I heard dat as usual everything was closed being a Wednesday.....


I ken tirvaluk :oops: but when I hear and see some o da gormless comments aboot Smyril Line it gets my birse up.


At least Smyril Line is a Faroese company serving Faroe not like wir set up.....


The Shetland Times was its usual negative self when reporting about the Norrona yesterday. No surprises there......


Slight correction, it's Stavanger they're thinking to start running to. They're hoping to catch some of the oil work/freight.

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