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Random Questions - What I'd like to know is ......?


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Why, ninety, eighty, seventy, sixty, fifty, forty, thirty and perhaps twenty at a push, but not one-ty. :wink:


I think we should start a campaign, especially if it also results in 19+ being referred to as twoty/tooty. :)


Tooty-one, tooty-two, tooty three, etc.


Mind you, hereabouts thay would be twaty-wan, twaty-twa, twaty-tree. :ponders:


.......I should get on we me wark noo.........

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Ever since humanity invented ink and started robbing bits of birds wings to write with, the ink colour of choice by the vast majority has been and still is, blue.


Then, some bright spark invents mechanical writing devices, and latterly electronic writing devices, for which the ink colour cloice of the vast majority is, black.


Ummm....why the different colour preferences for different applications making the same end product.... :ponders:


I guess there's nowt as starnge as folk....or should that be, there's nowt as strange as ink manufacturers....


Yup, its a slow evening.... :wink:

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