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Random Questions - What I'd like to know is ......?


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I have been searching through the dictionary, looking for odd words and have noticed that gullible is not listed. I checked another, older dictionary to see if it was a word that has phased out and not found it there either.

Does anyone have a dictionary with it in. Thanx

I spotted this previously. Apparently they've moved it next to 'Gulliver'. As a way (I think) to play along with the old joke. But it's still in there! Seriously, i looked it up.

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My daughter keeps getting that "someone walked over her grave" shiver thing, and she wants to know what causes it.

Me I was wondering if it's got a "proper" name.


i got told that its us trying to shake our tail, but god knows if its true


My ex boss. Is now, well and truly buried. And I walk over it as often as I can

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