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Random Questions - What I'd like to know is ......?


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We used mineral oil in the electricity supply industry, caused dermatitis ond other skin problems.

I use mineral oil in me car. Works fine, but it tastes awful.:wink:

And what happened to my very lovely Folio Society edition of Schrodinger's 'What is Life?'. It disappeared off my bookshelf about 8 years ago and hasn't been seen since. :(


If you hadn't looked on your bookshelf for it then according to Schrodinger it would still be there. :shock:

Sounds like an awfully familiar scenario to me, happens regularly, especially with keys. Damned Schrodinger and his state changing paradoxes. :x



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The Classic Bike Club has a website: http://www.shetlandclassicmotorcycleclub.com


Sorry, couldn't find anything online for IMCC {Islesburgh Motorcycle Club}, nor the ZMCC - the North-based group.


I seem to mind reading something fairly recently about the meets up north reconvening?



The SIC {Cruisers} website is still up & running, with a contact No for Carol http://www.shetlandislandscruisers.com

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When I worked in a shop that sold flowers we were told NEVER to put tulips in the same water as any of the other flowers.

Was a bit shocked when the bairn took home a bunch of flowers containing tulips, we separated them as soon as we got them but the other flowers have withered over night.


So my questions are:


Why do tulips have that effect on other flowers?




What can you do to stop it from happening if someone makes that mistake?

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