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Same carry on wi Al Fayeds castle , its pink too bless him

That wouldn't worry me.. lol


The "wet bit" of the building has never changed, surely it should be shrinking?


So !! do I get a gold star for realizing that the whole thing was faulty? This will cost a fortune to sort oot! and should be the responsibility of the original contractor!!


Sorry, quoted the wrong post, but it's about the state of the Red Cross Building! it looks terrible now as the wet patches have never dried out, and are now reacting with the stone underneath. Hopefully the contractors work came with a guarantee.


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Why did they never dry out, and how is it reacting with the stone underneath?


It's lime plaster and sandstone built is it no? Two natural products that have for long been used together very successfully, how can that be gotten wrong?


Certainly the contractor may have cocked it up, but design specs, engineer's decisions etc are all equally suspect. There is after all a trend among 'experts' when attempting to redo older techniques to think they're smarter and modern products better than the originals, and mix and match them in rather than stay true to the tried and proven formulas, sometimes with spectacular failures when 'unanticipated' longer term failures manifest themselves.

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