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Future of George Burley

jimmy parks

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having been at the game on Wednesday its fair to say the following.


George Burley is not upto being an international manager. His team selection on wed was dreadful, Graham Alexander running around in centre midfield was horrendous to watch in the flesh.


This is Norways best win since they beat Brazil in the group in 1998 WC,


Let Burley stay until the group is over then don't renew his contract.


From the squad burley picked I dont think the team below would have lost by four goals. thoughts.


Scotland squad: Alexander (Rangers), Langfield (Aberdeen), Marshall (Cardiff), Barr (Falkirk), Berra (Wolves), G Caldwell (Celtic), S Caldwell (Burnley), Davidson (Preston), Hutton (Tottenham), McAllister (Bristol City), Whittaker (Rangers), Alexander (Burnley), Brown (Celtic), Commons (Derby), Fletcher (Man Utd), Hartley (Bristol City), Maloney (Celtic), McFadden (Birmingham), Clarkson (Bristol City), Fletcher (Burnley), McCormack (Cardiff ), Miller (Rangers), Naismith (Rangers).


There is no way I will be forking out to travel and watch scotland in the near future, to not even compete woth norway is too disheartening and this foot soldier is not the only one who will be watching scotland from his armchair.

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Don't disagree with too many of the points made here. I'm not going to defend Burley because his ongoing tenure of Scotland suggests that the 12 or so games at Hearts were more the exception than the rule. He's not necessarily been dealt a good hand by overpaid average players taking the hump and I don't think he can be held accountable for the collective defensive idiocy of the chuckle brothers. Gary must have forgotten that Scotland don't play in green and white hoops and Steven must have taken a kick to the head (un-noticed by TV cameras) before he thought it was a good idea to commit identical fouls to those of his brother on Carew.


Norway should have had five, could have had seven and totally embarrassed and outplayed us after the sending off. At Hearts, Burley gave the impression that he could make off the cuff decisions that would change a game on the fly. With Scotland, he's given the impression that he couldn't even tell if his flies were undone or not.


He asked to be judged on this game, this team, as it was his team, his pick and he had no call offs. He got pumped four - scud by one of the poorest Norwegian sides we've ever played, with his side acting for 90m minutes like they'd met each other for the first time in the tunnel immediately beforehand. It's not a difficult judgement to make. He's got to go. If he ever had the dressing room, he's lost it. You can say he's had bad luck, but right now Burley has the look of a man who's just been diagnosed with piles at exactly the same time that he's realised that his next crap is going to be a hedgehog.

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Thanks for replying.


First of all in reply to MIM I suppose technically Caldwell may have done enough to be sent offagree, although it was a pretty soft affairstrongly agree. Think Carew made the first attempt at holdingagree. But if you're refereeing by the letter of the law then Riise, who scored the first goal, should have been off the park as the two early tackles he committed were infinately warse then Caldwell's shirt tugagree.




And in response to markj, I'd've said Lee Wallace of Hearts would be worth a shout at left-back. By many accounts he was our stand-out player last season.

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Barry, Allan and Kris left after Burley took over.


I don't believe that they didn't value their international careers, I just think they were expressing what ever fan felt about Burley the best way they could.


Do you think da best way tae express dimsels wis tae sit at a national game geein everybody da pipes?


Im seen better behaviour aff 10 year old! these guys are on 20grand a week at least , whit hiv they got ate complain aboot!?!?!

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I think we have to give him a break.


Gone are the days of Souness, Dalgleish, Hansen etc... Even when we had half the European Cup winning Liverpool sides we still couldn't get past the first round of the World Cup.


We hardly have 1 Scottish player good enough for the top half of the English Premiership. McFadden's arguably our best player and he's really nothing special.


I think he's done not too bad considering he's not been too long and with all the S*** he had to put up with Ferguson, Boyd, MacGregor etc... I'm a Rangers fan and I for one would be p***ed off if they were allowed back into the squad. Although we could have been doing with Boyd yesterday!

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All the football experts and his own managers leave Boyd on the bench for the harder games eg.Holland, so he wouldn't have had a look in on Wednesday, I thought the team were brilliant for most of the game, and Kenny Miller never stopped trying.

I think the fixture timings didn't do Scotland any favours, playing Macedonia in the furnace it was at that time of year, and playing Norway when most of their players were into their season, and ours wren't.

I hope Burley continues, although I hear Dalglishes name being mentioned tonight on the radio.

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