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Worlds greatest ever rugby union player


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Wow. It's a question that's very hard to answer purely down to the very specialised nature of positions in a rugby team.


You might be better trying to aim for an all time top 15 but even then you'll get arguments. I'd rate Michael Jones ahead of Richie McCaw at number 7 in a New Zealand all time 15 let alone the World, but it totally depends on how you want your team to play the game.


Although the World Cup is relatively recent (1987) in Rugby, the names that dominate it tend to do so for single tournaments, rather than over the long haul. As such, it's difficult to provide a true comparison as the only true global historical benchmarks fell against touring teams.


All time ability wise, you wouldn't go far wrong with the Gareth Edwards shout.


In the modern day, you've got to think about whether you want an explosive points scorer, a playmaker or someone who's more proficient in the dark arts of rugby. All of whom have their place in a team.


There's a strong argument to be made that Martyn Williams should have captained the last Lions tour. He'd probably have missed more than half the game time through suspension, but on a tour like that, you need certain qualities to be a successful leader of men.

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With rugby havin such specialised positions I think it's brawly impossible to pick "the" bet player. You perhaps could name the best ones in their position though.


Best full back: JPR Williams

Best centre: Danie Herber

Best winger: David Campese

Best scum half: Gareth Edwards

Best fly half: Phil Bennett

Best hoooker: Sean Fitzpatrick

Best prop: Fran Cotton

Best lock: Willie John McBride

Best back row: Michael Jones


Or thereabouts

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