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Walk to cure diabetes


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Amazing total! Can I say on behalf of the walkers what a great piece of organisation the walk was? You did a great job Sandra and the committee!


I heard some of ShetlandPeat's running commentary as he guided his guest around from the knab onwards - didn't realise who he was though until he introduced himself at the Gibby. Met keedle as well, nice to put faces to names!

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IT was such a great day! I enojoyed the walk. Got to spend the afternoon with my nephews, was great.


Yep I was spotted with the shetland flag on the buggy at the knab...well my partrner was pushing the buggy at the time!

I wanna say a big thanks to him for doing it too especially since he has been workin so hard at work at the moment!


I didnt even die when I got in the door was well chuffed with myself! (I honestly only ever walk 5min around the corner to work).


Was quite chuffed I got reckognised hehehe my partner thought it was funny!


I did say I would bring a big big shetland flag. NExt event we do it will be coming along again :-)


so what and when is wir next event? coffee evening? bingo? (bungee jump?) hahaha!


oh yeah! I did see a guy,had a bald head tall(compared to me anyway) but I really wanted his dungarees.... :-) anyone know where I can steal em from?

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Ah yes, back here in Lancashire now..


Got my 20 quid offa keedle, the hat was a hit, I am sooo glad, you did well piggy, I was told your gang was up the front all the time...


I have to also say thanx to Rolf from Germany. I met him on the boat and showed him to the hostel, then convinced him to come on the walk, he was the one with the dungarees, but sadly I think your eyes may have played trix on you.. it was a traditional German waist coat...


Again thanx Rolf for joining in. He is now walking around Unst, and probably very wet.


Weld done to all, it was a brilliant day, matched by folks efforts and the total raised..


I had a meal efter and that was good too, thanx big C.....


Then I don't remember much...

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Glad you arrived back safely shetlandpeat . Everyone I have spoke to enjoyed the day . Especially refreshments after . The bairns were thrilled with their meadals ( as were quite a few adults !!!) You will all be glad to know we are having commitee meeting next week to see what our next fund raiser will be . So watch this space !

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if the tall ships have a bunggee jump we should do that next year, id love to be involded lots in helping with the fundraising etc. ( if my work doesnt clash obvioudly)

ahhh i sat right next to your friend shetlandpeat! althought I did imagine you to be a short fat man shetlandpeat. haha! I was clearly wrong there too!

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haha i pointed ya out to ma partner shetlandpeat. I was seeing what shetlinkers i might reckognise.... if anyone has a picture o a bloke pushing a buggy with a cute wee boy in it and another wee boy behind....perhaps a lass(me) laggin waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind them gimme a shout! I wanna pic o me nephews fir me sister!

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Hi all, sorry for never being back on. We held committee meeting this week and are still waiting on some sponsors coming in. However we have had a further donation from the charity shop in aith and with some folk raising more than originally estimated we are hoping to break 11 thousand!! We hope to out thank you in next weeks Shetland times once more sponsors have come in.


Thanks again to everyone, very well done


Cheers Sandra

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