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Which is the best Chinese takeaway in Lerwick?


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Golden Coach getting better since it moved premises but still a bit ropey ( especially the prawns.


Great wall - haven't been for a while but thats generally because everything you get comes in a thick glop and you could pick the sauce all up with a fork.


Red dragon - Best noodles in town other parts can be ok but sometimes you still get a dollop of flour or Cornflour.


The new Thai place on the street - getting better but still that sound of the microwave pinging just before your food is served worries me. can lack flavour sometimes but feels healthier with all those fresh veg in it.


the one out at kanterstead never been to

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I eat a lot of takeaway so feel fully qualified to comment :D


Chohk Dee is fantastic. Fresh veg, tasty dishes... Mmmm. The Great Wall ranked top for me, for years, but I've been favouring Chohk Dee lately as they're new, loads of exciting tasty dishes, am working my way slowly through their new menu!


Also they do an unbelievably good deal at lunch; only £3.50 for a huge "lunchbox", which is essentially a main course and rice/noodles all in one container, INCREDIBLE value!!!!!


Am eating one right now as I write this. :D Yum yum.


Most folks seem not to even realise they exist; they're in the old "Oslas Too" building, a few doors north of Conochies on the street. RECOMMEND!!

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I would recommend the golden coach aka baroc....

The food is excellent, all fresh and no MSG :)

The staff are excellent and great service :lol: :wink:

If something isnt on the menu that you like they will try and accommadate for your needs.....

New premises is just brilliant, its next to Cee and Jay's incase anyone didnt know....

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