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Babies Up/ Immigration Down


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Just stumbled across this thread.


Isn't every child in Britain born with a debt of £17,000 (*cough* if the tories are to be believed) due to Gordon Brown's incessant borrowing? If this is the case then the poultry sum of £250 seems like a bit of a slap in the face, no?

Actually, if the National Debt reaches £1.4 Trillion, as expected, then the debt per head will be nearer £22,000.

Scary!! :cry:

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Just a thought - If everyone was to pay back their £22K on the same day there would be either one huge pile of 10ps in Whitehall and a lot very slimmed down mattresses - or a huge overdraft in the banks? But then again I suppose there is??? So Who owes what to whom???

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Who owes what to whom???


Come to that, what exactly is it that's owed? Most currencies seem to have decoupled from the gold standard, and all you ever see is bits of paper "promising to pay" and digits in computers, all floating about in "value" according to the whims of the people who help themselves to most of it anyway. We're supposed to have confidence in that?

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Guest partan

dis stupid crappy country is just turnin in tae a slum fur all da stinkin foreigners dat need free housing and money ta bring up all dir stinkin bairns.


i widna hae a bairn in dis country noo unless de wir a muslim and gay and humanrights campaigner kull or wipeout.


its cool noo ta moan about athing an no work, its even cooler if you ir a brown eye bandit, an ta top it off if you can manage ta be both o dat plus a ragin alki or a smack head you will get a free house, car and money ta live we.


wha wants a bairn ta be in dat


no thanks ill be movin ta norway or sumwhar lik dat dat dusna tak as much turd as dis place full o pansies.

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