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Is pool a game of luck or skill?  

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  1. 1. Is pool a game of luck or skill?

    • Luck
    • Skill

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Its been like that for about 2 years now. Rules havent actually changed in the last two years.

Having to contact a cusion or pot with every shot, has made the game far better IMO. None of this roll behind a ball and SNOOKER. If you manage to play a snooker now, its a definate skill shot, as you really have to think about what you are doing.

Luck comes into it when you muck up the shot your going for, and some how manage to pot a totally different ball.

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If you are playing a good player at pool you may only get to break, and he will just go and finish the game. Pool and Snooker alike are both two of the most skill dictated sports there are, also golf. If you go and watch the finals of the pool tournaments in Shetland they are played to a high standard and you will see some great skills on display!

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