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Screenplay 2009


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Hey everyone,


anyone looking forward to Screenplay 2009? Seems like an excellent line up this year; especially looking forward to Heima (a free showing) and Howl's Moving Castle. Terrence Davies films sounds great too:


Of Time and the City


Also, looking forward to the Maddrim Media night on Thursday, but I have to say that - I'm a member! :P



Hope to see lots of people there - always a shame when there's only a few people in the audience (2 years ago, I went to see 'The Boyfriend' which was absolutely amazing, and only a handful of people in the audience. To make it worse it was the directors cut which costs a fortune to get hold of (believe me, I've tried) and still, no one came to this rare and amazing showing!

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very much enjoyed of Time and the City, Terrence Davies q&a at the end was fascinating. he had me nearly crying at some of the things he was saying but balanced it with a brilliant sense of humour. As for Heima... just astounding.


Maddrim was truly something else! they got a good review too from shetland news: http://www.shetland-news.co.uk/opinion/A%20sniff%20of%20blossoming%20talent.htm


also they have a new website if i'm being told right: www.maddrim.com


cant wait to see what else these youngsters have to offer

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