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Ideal Homes Exhibition


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I know one thing they are banning the old fashioned :idea: bulb


So everyone will now have to find a new type of :idea: bulb as a substitute


bulbs are things you put in the garden and get pretty flowers from :lol: Lamps are things that give us light :)


I was trying to be sarcastic, but it seems the light of my point went out for most of you. so you will just have to sit in the garden and switching your tulips on and off

Ps mods you may need to update the emoticons :idea:

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I went on Sunday, superb showcase and obviously a lot of effort and hard work by everyone involved to make it such a success.


Stand outs for me were LBC(a bit pricey though), Shetland Pine had some good stuff but pick of the lot for me was Goerge Robertsons. They had some great deals, i got a new washing machine and a new flat screen tv, didn't know they sold tv's etc, the boys said they'd been selling them for a while but hadn't been advertising them, and i noticed they were cheaper than the Hydro. Wish i could have afforded the LED tv, amazing picture(maybe next time). Well done lads, great service to.

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Went to show Sunday and thought that most of the Local Business made a real effort this year. I would also agree that the George Robertson stand was very impressive. Wish I had a few spare bucks to purchase the LED TV they had on show. It was like being in a department store south.

West Side pine also had some really nice furniture on display. Still considering to buy that pink chair.

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