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Aberdeen Maternity Hospital/Accommodation

Peerie Tr00ker

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I'm really vexed to hear about the Island Accomodation slipping. It was only 2005 when we were there and it was pristene, every bit as clean as the rest of the place (apart from the smoking room - how the cleaners could put up with it i'll never know!) The staff were always extremely helpful also.


I've spent many a night in a hotel wishing I was able to pay to go stay there instead! (the grub was AMAZING!)


Can anyone point me where to donate towards the refurb? It's terrible to think people are having to loo elsewhere due to neglect.

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I don't really have much to add.

Expect to say that the isle accomodation is free, and when you are staying there for a while that is a real bonus. I was never told that if my partner couldn't get into the isle accomodation and had to pay to stay elsewhere that he could claim this back. I know a lot of couples that have been down to have babies and have never heard anyone mention this before.

The other plus point is that your partner doesn't have to travel, he is just up the stairs!

Negative points - dirty carpets, no whb in the loo, bath and showers are yuck (I don't think it would matter how much you cleaned them!), very little to entertain little ones, smoking room still smells of smoke.

But I would stay there again and I would take my little one with me if I had too, not sure if my partner would stay there though, and he's not as fussy as me!


Also some shetland mums are doing fund raising at the moment. They are on facebook, if you PM me I can give you info.

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I was under the impression that the Isles accommodation initially came about because of the fact that many people were flown south at the last minute and Aberdeen being the way it is with oil workers couldn't find accommodation anywhere.


I am quite disappointed that people do not think that the accommodation is "Up to scratch". As far as I am aware, the Shetland accommodation was never expected to be any more than emergency accommodation as and when needed.


I have never seen nor stayed in the accommodation so I cannot comment on how appropriate it may or not it may be. I have, however, had to find a place to lay my head after my girlfriend had to be flown south, via Air ambulance, on deaths door at short notice.


Had it not been for friends who were very accommodating then I would have been without a bed for several nights. I walked around all of the B&B's and Hotels that I could find (in the pishing rain) and they were all booked up.


Before you start moaning about the state of the accommodation take a minute to think what it may be like if that wasn't available.


If anybody knows of the charity involved that is trying to raise money then please let me know as I would be more than happy to donate.

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I'm on the committee that has been set up to raise money towards the refurbishment of the island accommodation. We sat up the fund as the accommodation has gone down hill and really needs to addressed soon. There have been plans to do the refurbishment for a while now and we are trying to find out timescales for everything happening.


The accommodation is a fantastic idea and a lifeline for anyone being flown south at the last minute or anyone having to go to Aberdeen early to wait. It's just got a lot of problems at the moment! No sinks in toilets, floors are dirty, campbeds are torn apart, tv's don't work, keys missing so access to rooms, etc,etc! Pretty grim if like me you are down for a long time waiting! I stayed for a month though and survived! Would just be nice to bring it up to a good standard.


We've had articles in the Shetland Times and the Orcadian recently and we've been on Radio Shetland too. The e-mail address to get in contact with us is amhiashetlandfund@btinternet.com. We've also got fund raising pages on facebook and Bebo too. You can also pm me for details on where to send donations to.


Also the midwives have maternity users forum where anyone who has recently used any maternity services either up here or in Aberdeen can join and have an informal chat about the service, good or bad. Contact the Lerwick maternity dept for more details.


If anyone is going to the island accommodaion just remember to take hand soap with you as they don't supply any!! Something nobody told me!


Hope this long post helps! :)

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The Island Accomodation IS a godsend if you're a dad, who ends up with your partner on an air ambulance unexpectedly heading to aberdeen at 2 in the morning :shock: !

It's far from that if you're the poor mam who maybe has to stay there for weeks, or even months on end, waiting for your baby to arrive, or sitting at the side of an incubator in the neonatal unit :cry: .

These mums are in Aberdeen because their pregnancies or babies are complicated in some way - sometimes nothing too serious, sometimes life-threateningly. All are away from home at a time when they are so vulnerable and needing all the support, looking after and general TLC they can get!


It is beyond me, how, with all the current emphasis on hygiene and handwashing in hospitals, they are allowed to get away with having no sinks in the toilets - you have to go back to your room, or in to the kitchen to wash your hands. And as has been said - anyone ever heard of soap???? The people staying here are going to labour ward, postnatal wards, and to visit very ill babies in intensive care! Health and Safety???


I've also stayed in parents accomodation at the sick children's in both edinburgh and aberdeen, and the standards are incomparable :D . Both these facilities are like a home from home - clean, private (no parading past offices to get to a shower?!), and homely. How can there be such a huge difference when the sick children's parent's accomodation and the AMH island accomodation, are all part of NHS Grampian :? ?

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Thats exactly why local mams have pulled together to do something about it. It is absolutely vital the facility stays open but it has to be updated and brought in line with the rest of the parent accommodation.

The archie foundation has paid for the majority of the accommodation at sick kids I am led to believe.

Orkney have made a massive amount of money to go towards the refurbishment so i hope the Shetland mums have the same success.

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Me and my partner were sent to Aberdeen because we got told th..... blah blah anyways :!:


Arrived at the Isles Accommodation to a battleaxe who said there was just a single room left, which was fine, I made my pregnant wife sleep on the floor while I got the less than comfy single bed....just kidding other way round.


The next day we enquired about a double room, which we told there was available, but we wen't allowed to hae it because it was against Hospital rules to switch rooms!?! Even though I was sleeping on the floor of a room the size of a boxroom.


After further deliberation, swearing, and absolute stubbornness on my behalf with this awld bitch, I eventually, after about an hour of negotiating managed to get convinced to switch us to the double room.


We never slept in it however as a few hours later she geed into labour....




Anyways the point is, the fact its there, and free is excellent, however its just that, free. Don't expect ritz style rooms or bed and breakfast. Or even, as someone else pointed, quiltcovers.


I believe the locally set up Aberdeen Maternity Unit chairty set up locally is a brilliant idea and a worthwhile cause.

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i've just been thinking. when we went for our 20 week scan at the hospital there obviously not allowed to tell you the sex of the baby in shetland. even though we tried!!!


the staff were saying they did have all the technology/equipment to do those fancy 4D scanning, dvds etc.


we were telling them how we were going to be getting that down whilst i'm south and they said how annoying it is that folk can go somewhere and pay a fortune to find these thigns out when they had all the stuff


i got the gender and 4D scan done today. it was amazing. even if i didn't want to know the sex it was amazing to see the 4D scan. the place was set up with a big L shaped couch, big screen tv and you could take friends and family along. it was like a cinema. the bed where you got the scan was slightly away from the couch so you had your privacy whilst the big bump was out. i could also see the screen


but back to my original point. why cant the hospital offer gender scans or 4D scans and charge for it (maybe not charge the large amounts like they do here) and put the money towards the maternity department/aberdeen accommodation etc.


it would've been nice to get that done in shetland knowing the money was going towards something good.

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In my experience I don't think there are many people who do take older children to aberdeen when they go to have a baby. Those that do usually take a granny or friend, or have relatives in aberdeen on hand to be on-standby to babysit when the time comes. Obviously not everyone is in that fortunate position and may have to take their children with them with no definate plans. I'm not sure what happens in that situation - I would think AMH would contact social services to arrange for someone to keep them? The AMH staff there are flat out looking after labouring/postnatal mums and babies, and certainly couldn't be relied on to be able to babysit. I'd ask your midwife and they'd be able to find out what happens.

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