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I'm with Ghostrider more infamy than fame


I held the lap record on the Daytona machine at Codonas for most of 1996 with the name Mike Hunt. It was wednesday half day at uni and I'd quit the football and badminton teams by this time, brakes I didn't need no brakes.


Have appeared in the Shetland Times as well with an incredibly rare shot of our raft from the 1991 Ness Boating club daft raft race, it was rare because the raft barely made it round the end of the little pier before being sunk (not by a German U boat but by a Leslie lass capsizing us) managed to find a tin of tennents as I hit the bottom of the pool though. I might phone Dr Wills next and threaten to kick his teeth in (after I've checked I'm not on speakerphone) then I can get my picture in the paper sitting behind my desk with a smug grin after I've gone back to work.


Also appeared in the Evening Express after being ambushed outside ASDA with the topic of the day "how do you sort out underage drinking" my first answer of send em to Thunderdome was met with derision, my second answer of up the minimum age ended up with my fizzog in the paper and a lot of crap when I got to work the next day.


I'll go on Britains Got Talent next year with my little nephew and do a highland fling and call our act Hamish Flatley. Imitation is the sincerest form of Flatley I mean flattery.


My 15mins are yet to come I reckon.

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I was on telly when I took part in the campaign to get Wendy Savage her job back (google her). A load of us were in the TV audience about maternity services/natural births. Anyway, my sister phoned me up that night (she NEVER phoned up, always saying the cost of the call from Lincolnshire to London was too much), said that her neighbour said it was me and she said it wasn't because I had a perm. She then realised it was me when I opened me gob ... :lol:


Dunno whether this is claim to fame or not but went on tour with Toyah during school holidays when I was 16. Stayed in this B&B in Sheffield. Went down for brekkie in the morning. Toyah didn't eat brekkie so I used to eat hers. Some poor soul in Sheffield has a Toyah album with her (coughs) autograph on it ... oops.


Naturally, my biggest claim to fame was winning the local church Sunday School Fancy Dress competition as Hilda Ogden :o

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