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Favourite ever sweeties and biscuits


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Galaxy Chocolate - even the dark stuff is nice :D

Creme Eggs.

Barq's Root Beer, although not drank it in years.

Cola Bottles, and most things you can get in a pick n' mix. :D

Gobstoppers, especially those massive ones you have to lick the outside of before you can actually try and put them in your mouth.

Kinder Eggs and Kinder Buenos.


I have too many favourites.


Out of what I don't like? Liquorice and aniseed. And those Fireball things you used to get, blech! I feel ill thinking about them...

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I used to remember having Wispa when I was a child :D


It's good that their on the shelves again. :o


I used to remember having them at Christmas when we unwrapped the presents early in the morning and having my grumpy tired sister looking at me with a sulky face :lol: .


My favourite sweets are:

Galaxy, Flyte, Ripple, Wispa (as I mentioned), Yorkie (sorry lads!) and Dairy Milk.


My favourite ice - cream is:

Nobbly Bobbly, Scottish Cream, Walls, 'Ben & Jerry's' Cookie Dough, Dairy Milk and Flake ice cream, Razzle, Tesco and Somerfield Ice Cream Lollies.

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