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Shetland Ladies Pool Team Defend their title.


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Shetland Ladies scoop up prizes at Island Blackball Championships 2009.


The Shetland Ladies A Team win the Ladies team event for the 3rd year in a row. The team Jackie Leask (captain), Tracy Bussetil, Sarah Jackson, Amanda Cutt, Michelle Bundy, Mel Inkster and Kate Pumford-Green, won the final against a very tough Isle of Man Ladies team, The Isle of Man had already beaten the Shetland A team in the group stage and were the favourites to win the final, but when it mattered the ladies played their best and won 11-8.


Sarah Jackson won the Ladies Singles event, beating the reigning champion Nicky Correa from Gibralter 5 - 4 in a final that went down to the black, Sarah also won the individual flyers, which were held on the Thursday evening, and the MVP (Most Valuable Potter) award with an amazing 17 out of 18 frames won in the qualifing stage, hot on her heals was Amanda who won 15 out of 18 frames.


The Ladies Speed Pool event was also won by the Ladies A team made up of Amanda, Sarah, Tracy and Jackie.


Both the mens teams made it to the team semi finals, the mens A team played the favourites Isle of Man A in their semi with Isle of Man showing why they were favourites and two time champions of the IBA. In the other semi, the Shetland B team gave Orkney A team a great challenge, but unfortunatly lost out by one frame with the final score of 11 - 10 to Orkney. Orkney A went on to win the final with a close score of 11 - 9.

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